Our week 

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We have had a busy week. It hasn’t been sunny like we hoped but we have managed to find lots to do. 

Monday it was cloudy and the kids and I had planned on going to the pool, so we did several crayon activities that I saw on Momfessionals Family Book Club The Day The Crayons Quit. We didn’t have the book but we watched the Mr. Rogers video, made crayons, colored with white crayons and made graphs. The kids loved it all and even asked for more. I wish I was creative enough to come up with ideas like this on my own. 


Tuesday was a crazy cooking day. The kids helped me make Dirt n’ Worms. I found an excellent version of the recipe here that had lots of pictures and had them explain the steps to me. 

After the kids were done helping me cook madeBarefoot Contessa’s Raspberry Crumble Bars. They were so yummy. I used to get something similar in college for breakfast with a diet coke..mmm it brought back memories. 

I also made these Baked Chicken Chimichangas. They were super yummy. I used leftover shredded chicken from the night before…we will definitely be making them again. 

Wednesday we went to Deanna rose but only made it an hour before it started raining. Leah had dance..she is loving her new class this summer and we had a nice little mommy daughter ice cream date on our way home. 



Friday Favorites

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I know it’s Monday but I never got around to posting this…better late than never. 

My hubby is home after a week of traveling which is defintey top on my list of Friday favorites. His flight was delayed so he got home in the middle of the night. We slept in and all went out to breakfast friday morning before he caught up on work. The kids were pumped that daddy was home and they got to eat breakfast out!! It’s their favorite meal. 


Number two on my list of Friday favorites a solo trip to the grocery store. I love my kids but flying solo is faster and a nice treat. See the back seat ….it’s empty. 

Three- We got our backpacks for kindergarten this week. Pottery barn kids had all of their back packs on sale so I let this kids each pick one out.  How are my kids this big?  Notice the pics on the wall behind them? I feel like that was yesterday. I haven’t really gotten sappy about kindergarten yet but this made it more real.   


Four- Orange Is The New Black Is back. If you need me I’ll be binge watching it for the next couple of days. 

Five. I’m made Jenny Steffens Summer shrimp pasta for dinner Friday night. You can find the recipe here. It was easy and delicious. I forgot to take a picture, but it will be something we make again soon. 

Crazy Summer Days 

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It’s Wednesday and I feel like I have hardly sat down. Our slow summer days have been anything but. 

Monday morning started off with eye appoimemts for both kids. Almost three hours later we found out Leahs eyes had no change, I think that is a first for her, and jack only had a slight change in his stigmatism in one eye. We celebrated with happy meals…mostly because I had to bribe them with something after the first hour and half of being there.  It was a long visit even for mommy. 

That afternoon we headed home to meet up with our good friends to check an item off of summer bucket list…Tea Party. The kids had a blast. Poor Jack was out numbered, but I think he was really in it for the snacks. 

That night I had an appointment, so Grandma took Leah to ballet. By the end of the day we were all exhausted. 

Tuesday was swimming day! The kids were so excited. 

After a few hours at the pool they were wiped out so we got cleaned up and they had some quiet time while I caught up on chores…this is the closest thing we get to a nap at our house these days. 

I made the best salads for my friend and at the pool. It was an Italian Chopped Salad I found the recipe on the blog Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers. You can find the recipe here. I will be making it again soon. There were lots of other recipes on there I want to try. 

Wednesday we met up with an old friend of mine and her 9 month old twins. They were so sweet..it brought back lots of memories. How did my kids get so big so fast? 

We had more Drs appointments for mommy, ballet and a snake in the garage. That’s right a snake. It was a baby one but I was freaked out and I am super thankful for neighbors who came to help since Jason was gone. Now of course I’m convinced there are more…it was a baby one they don’t travel alone right? Ewww. 

This pic has nothing to do with the post but jack found a giant Tsum Tsum at Target and he was super excited.    

Our crazy weekend 

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Our weekend was suppose to be a low key weekend…that didn’t exactly workout. Saturday started out with pancakes at the kids request followed by errands and workouts for mom and dad.  After going to the store with both kids I needed a walk with this view. Even when the kids behave taking them both to the store is exhausting.  They were speaking minon to each other at the store, which was cracking other people up..hmmm.  

We ran to Costco for a few things and bribed the kids with ice cream in the afternoon.  


We had a birthday party at the neighbors with an outdoor movie that night and no one was in bed before 11! It was a fun and busy day. 

Despite the late bedtime everyone was up bright and early so we headed to church. I tried to take a pic afterwards and this was the best I got. Jack refused to smile so Leah was attacking him with kisses. 


Jack had baseball but I messed up the time so we showed up just in time to pass out snacks and leave…I felt terrible. I don’t think jack cared at all. Then we headed to my parents to celebrate my Dads birthday. My mom made fried chicken, macaroni, green beans, biscuits, all the good stuff. It was delicious! 


Boston part two

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The last couple days in Boston Jason was working. I had full intentions of getting the free breakfast and then eating in bed, but I slept too late so I ate a stale brownie and worked out instead..ahh the joys of not being in charge of anyone else for a day. I shopped and genuinely enjoyed my alone time. 

Our last dinner we went to The Atlantic Fish Co. It was good, upscale fish resteraunt but nothing super unusual. The bisque was great. For our last breakfast we went to Thorton’s. It was delicious.  Not much ambiance but great service and great food. 

If you are looking for Boston resteraunts here is Boston Day One. Here is a list of other places I found when doing research for the trip that we ran out of time for: Flour Bakery, DrinkUnion Oyster House and Island Creek Oyster Bar

Friday Favorites

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Im back with my Friday favorites. I’ll have my final eating in Boston post up soon. 

One– The Wet Brush. Do you have one? These are the best. They don’t rip out your hair, I love them. Leah has a mini one and we have a mini one in our pool bag. If you don’t have one I highly recommend getting one. 

Two– Redken One United. I got a sample when I went to get my hair cut last week. This stuff is suppose to do like 25 things in one bottle…guess what it does. We went on a trip and this was all I took. I normally use a little body soray, a little Moroccan oil but this did every thing and my hair looked great. I’m buying a big bottle when we get home. ( I was not asked to review this I just really liked it) 

Three_ My kiddos. After a few days away I’m ready to go home a get some snuggles in with these sweet kids. Although, I’m not sure they are ready for me. Jack told Grandma, ” I could just live with you.” I probably deserve that I use to tell my Mom that my Grandma was a better Mom than her when they got home from trips. At least I know they are happy while we are gone right? 

Four– Travel outfit. On travel days I pretty much always wear the same thing. A maxi dress or long skirt and my green jacket. It’s comfy, warm and still cute. What do you wear on travel days? Maybe I need to mix it up. 

Five- Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. I read this book a few weeks ago and it was really good. They are making a movie out of it and the sequel China Rich Girlfriend will be out soon. If you need a beach read check it. 


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Warning this is a long post.. .with lots of food pictures. 

I’m spending a couple of days with the hubby in Boston. I should have been taking tons of pictures of all the fabulous sights but all I ended up taking pictures of was the fabulous food. 

We started off our first night with some pizza with what I’m told is a local favorite at Pizzeria Regina. We had the Classico and a pitcher of Peroni and it was the perfect start to our trip. After dinner we picked up some dessert to take back to the hotel at Franeuil Hall.


On the way back to the hall we stopped by a fun looking bar called Carrie Nation. Which oddly enough ended up being named after a woman from Kansas. Carrie Nation lived right before the prohibition era and was known for attacking estabashments that served alcohol with a hatchet. Interesting place…if you are headed to Boston check it out. 

We had a fireplace in our room the first night. This was a pic of my desert and the fire…getting ready to watch some tv before bed…what more do I need? 

When we left it wasn’t exactly warm but landing in Boston it did not feel like June at all, it was in the 40’s and rainy the first day. What is a girl to wear in June, when it’s cold and you will be walking all day? This is the best I could do.   

 On our second day, we walked around some cute little neighborhoods in Boston before heading to Camridge to check out the Harvard campus and we grabbed a burger at Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottege. Harvard campus was neat to see but didn’t seem as big as I thought it would. Mr. Bartley’s was a whole in the wall, we sat in plastic chairs so close the people next to us I was hitting their elbows…but these burgers were so good. The onion rings were even better. 


After all that we decided we needed to workout before dinner. It was so nice to go workout just the two of us…sometimes  it’s the little things. For dinner we went to Limincello in the north end. It was delicious and was just down the street from Paul Reveres house. This city is filled with so much history. Afterwards we headed to the lounge at the top of the prudential tower if a drink. They had a jazz quartet playing …it was the perfect end to the night.    

The bright lights are Fenway Park. It didn’t photograph well but was cool to see. 


Summer Bucket List 2015

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This year the kids were old enough to help with our summer bucket list. After dinner one night all four of us sat around the dinner table and we came up with several things and then we signed the list. I was surprised about how simple most of the things the kids picked were. Here is our list for this year.

1. Go Swimming.

2. Go to the Library.

3. Fly a Kite.

4. Doughnuts for Breakfast.

5. Camp in the Backyard.

6. Get Ice Cream.

7. Have a Picnic

8. Make Beados…(these are these bead craft things the kids saw at a friends house)

9. Pajama Day.

10. Go to the Minon Movie.

11. Go to the Zoo.

12. Go to Science City

13. Go to an Art Class

14. Go Fishing or get a pet fish.

15. Make Cookies

16. Have a tea Party.

17. Water Gun Fight

18. Go to the Farmers Market

19. Make Smores

20. Wash the Cars

21. Write Letters to Friends.

Friday Favorites

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Friday Favorites

1.Summer Strawberries. We went and picked Strawberries at Wholetz Farm near Lawrence this week with some good friends. The kids had a blast! On the way home we stopped at my parents house and it just so happened that Grandma had all the fixin’s for homemade strawberry ice cream… so we made some. I am not normally a strawberry ice cream fan but this was good stuff. The kids had strawberries with cool whip that night for dessert and then the next morning had Belgian waffles with strawberries and powdered sugar for breakfast.

2. Recital pictures were on Thursday this week and my little ballerina has been growing her hair out all year in hopes to have a bun. She was soo excited we got it up like everyone else. It was cute to watch the girls run around and giggle in their costumes. I have such great memories growing up from dance and recitals and enjoy watching Leah make memories of her own.

3. Summer Schedule. I love summer. We have been letting the kids stay up later. They have started sleeping in later and I love that no one feels rushed in the morning. I love letting them play in jammies until ten and not being in a hurry to do anything. This is definitely on of my Friday favorites.

4. So this would not be my favorite….to be totally honest I don’t understand it at all but my kids are totally freaking out over these tsum tsum stuffed animal things. They basically look like Disney character hamsters. It has been all they have played with the past couple of weeks. They have little cartoon shorts on the Disney Channel and I would just like to say that is some excellent marketing..We have like six of them and they have to go everywhere with us.

5. Mini Frappachinos! We dig em. I probably should not let my children drink things from Starbucks but I had a free drink and we needed a treat after an afternoon of errands. The kids loved them and the mini size was perfect. I’m sure we will be back for more before the summer is over. Although, I got Jack the Vanilla bean one and he just kept saying I love this mommy but I sure do wish it was chocolate.

Last Day of School

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This is a little late. Our last day of preschool was last week. I am amazed how much the kids have changed this year. Last week the weather did not feel like summer at all but it has warmed up and we are taking full advantage of it. We have played in the water table, played at the park, had a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpas and eaten ice cream. We are looking forward to a lot more fun filled days.


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