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I just realized that I hadn’t posted for a while. All that driving back and forth to the hospital is starting to make me tired. Last night Jason and I snuck away for a nice dinner. We thought that we might as well go one last time before the kiddos got home. The plan was to eat dinner and then skip the 8 p.m. feeding and come home and have a cocktail; however, after dinner I was missing the kids so we ended up swinging by for the 8 p.m. feeding on the way home.

Date Night

Little Leah has not had any “spells” for 48 hours. I pray that she will continue to do well. She still isn’t taking all of her feedings by bottle….tomorrow a child development specialist is coming to evaluate her because the doctor thinks that she looks a little tongue tied. Tongue tied is when the piece of skin that connects your tongue to your month is slighty longer than normal. If she is tongue-tied, Leah will have the piece of skin clipped a little bit by an oral surgeon. Grandpa won’t do it ..but he has given us the name of someone else to ask for.

Jack continues to do well and may be going home tomorrow. There isn’t really any reason for him to stay in the NICU. If he didn’t have a twin sister he would already be gone. With Jack coming home soon, the pediatrician had a long talk with us this morning about the rules for visitors at home. I’m sure the rest of this post will probably make some people think that we are going overboard.. but it is our job to protect these little guys and make sure they are as healthy as possible. This is expected to be one of the worst flu seasons in years and the beginning of RSV season. Jack and Leah are preemies and are much more susceptible to germs and the flu; therefore, we have been instructed that visitors for the first 8 weeks need to be extremely limited. We would love to have everyone meet the kids… however, the first 8 weeks will be family only. Our pediatrician also gave us a few other rules that visitors will need to follow.

1. Visits should be kept short…around 10-15 minutes

2. Visits should be in the morning

3. Everyone who walks through the door needs to wash their hands and sanitize them.

4. If you have been sick or around anyone who has beensick.. you can’t come for 7-10 days.

5. No kids

We hope that everyone will understand. It is hard for us not to be able to have everyone over right away…we think Jack and Leah are pretty darn cute and can’t wait until we can show them off.

Jack and DadSleepy Girl



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Leah continued to have her little spells overnight and has had a few today. They ran some blood work, just to rule out an infection. The blood work came back normal… so the next idea is that the spells are being caused by acid reflux. They raised the head of the bed to a higher angle and will start her on Zantec twice a day. I hope that this helps… even though I know that it is totally normal for preemies to have these it still makes me nervous.

Jack is still doing great! Tomorrow he will have his circumcision and he can do his car seat test at any time. ( For those of you that don’t know what the car seat test is… any baby that leaves the NICU must be able to sit in their carseat for an hour hooked up to their heart rate monitors and oxygen monitors without having any of their stats drop). The nurses told me today that the carseat test cannot be done more than a week before the babies leave the NICU so the doctor must be thinking that Jack is getting close. 

Our doctor has agreed that it would be best if the babies come home together; however, if Leah continues to have these little spells for several more days they may go home separately. I’m praying that the Zantec works…now we just have to wait and see what happens.  I hope that sweet baby Leah can catch up to her brother.

Backwards and Forwards

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Jack is doing great! He took all of his feedings by mouth yesterday and today. He pulled his feeding tube out last night and they didn’t put it back in. It is soo nice to see his sweet little face without any tubes.  Jack is doing awesome on his feedings now and eats very quickly. I’m not sure what happend last night ,but Jack seemed to figure out what he was suppose to do.

Leah didn’t do as well today… she had three of  what the nurses call “spells” this morning.  Basically her heart rate goes down and then her oxygen drops. Leah was able to recover from one of the spells by herself but the nurse had to give her a little pat for the other two. The NICU nurses have told us that it is very normal for preemies to have these; however that doesn’t really make me feel a whole lot better about it. Leah has her oxygen monitor put back on and they are watching her more closely. After a baby has one of these spells they have to stay in the NICU for at least five days. Leah’s temperature was also a little cooler than it has been… so the nurse put a warmer outfit on her and wrapped her up with two blankets and she hasn’t had any spells this afternoon.

With Jack doing so well on his feedings now, it is possible that he will come home before Leah. I would really like them to come together. We will just have to wait and see if things work out that way. Here are a few new pictures of the little ones.

Slow But Steady

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The babies gained weight again yesterday. Jack gained a little under an ounce so he is still at 4 lb 11 oz and Leah is now 4 lb 9 oz. Jack did very well on his bottle feeds yesterday and will be doing all of his feedings by mouth today. We will see how that goes. Leah is still doing every other feeding by bottle. She takes about half of what she needs each time and then the nurses put the rest in through her feeding tube. They are making progress.. it is slow but steady.

Not much else to report. They moved the babies to a bigger crib. It’s not really a step up, it is just easier for us to change their diapers and stuff. The nurses tried to get it for Jack and Leah the other day but there were triplets coming and they had it set aside  for them. The word around the hospital is that the triplets have arrived and won’t be in the crib for a while… so we got it.

Jason and I are both getting anxious for the babies to be home. We don’t want them to come home before they are ready, but it will be really nice to all be under one roof and not be driving back and forth from the hospital so many times a day. The nurses have started letting us do more of their care now. We take their temperatures, change diapers, change their clothes, help weigh them and feed them. We also know how to turn the monitors off when they go crazy because a sensor has come off.. we are starting to feel like pros.

Gaining Weight

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Yesterday was a good day for Jack and Leah. Jack gained 2 ounces and now weighs 4 lb 11 oz and Leah gained a little over an ounce and now weighs 4 lb 8 oz. They have to weigh at least 2100 grams to be able to go home, which is about 4 lb 10 oz. Hopefully in the next couple of days Leah will get there.

The feedings went ok yesterday. Not good not bad. They are becoming a little more alert every day. I think Jack will be our feisty one. When he gets mad he gets really mad. Leah on the other hand will make terrible faces and you think she is going to get really mad and then she just goes to sleep instead. They both passed their hearing tests yesterday. The nurse said it can take up to five minutes to pass but Jack and Leah both passed in about 30 seconds. I wasn’t worried about this at all because they look around when they hear voices and try to find you.

I feel like Jason and I are becoming obsessive compulsive about hand washing. When we go out in public we carry hand sanitizer with us and use it every time we touch a door or something like that. A bunch of people at the office have been sick, and I have been worried Jason is going to get something. Yesterday, Jason’s boss gave him the ok to work at home until he takes his time off. I am very thankful that he is able to do this. One less thing for me to worry about.  Jack and Leah are soo tiny I just know that they can’t handle being sick and this is such a bad time. The hospital has hand sanitizer everywhere. We use it when we walk in the door…then walk to the NICU wash our hands and use more hand sanitizer. If we use our camera or phones then we have to use more sanitizer and we are suppose to use it when we go from one baby to the other. It’s crazy to think about how many times a day I do that.

I will post more pictures later today. Jason is using the computer that has my camera software so I have to wait until he has lunch. I’m headed up to see the babies… I can’t wait to see them again.

Busy Day

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Yesterday was a very busy day. So busy I forgot to post an update. The kiddos did well on their feedings. It looks like they are starting to get it. Aunt Gina came to visit the babies again and the very nice nurses snuck Uncle Tony in as well.  Aunt Gina is doing great.. she looks awesome! You would never know that she had two babies just 4 days ago.

We brought our car seats up to the hospital yesterday, and we found out that they were way too big. Jack looked so tiny in the carseat. Before the 8:30 feeding Jason and I ran out to Babies R’ Us to buy different ones. If anyone out there is having twins.. the Chicco Key Fit work the best for preemies. In a few days we will have to figure out how to put these in the car. I think I will let Daddy do it this time.

Everything else is going well.  The babies gained weight last night… only about an ounce each, but everyone is excited we are moving in the right direction. They were moved to a regular crib today, which means they can regulate their own body temperature. The doctor also removed their oxygen monitors because they haven’t had any problems with their oxygen saturation . The only thing keeping us in the hospital at the moment is learning how to eat. They both took all of their 8:30 bottles this morning. Jack even drank more than he was suppose to. Leah was crying so I was trying to get her a pacifier and feed Jack at the same time and I was shocked when I looked down and saw the whole thing was gone. Hopefully he isn’t spitting it all up as I write this. I hoping in the next couple of days we will add a few more bottle feedings.We can’t wait to get them home and I know the Grandmas are anxious to hold them.


Three Days Old

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I’m just going to do a short update tonight.. because I need to get to bed. Everyone has been asking Jason and I if we are sleeping enough. We know that we need to do it now while they are still at the hospital but it is just so hard to leave Jack and Leah. Jason is working now and saving his time off for when they get home. I started my maternity leave and have been trying to go up to the hospital for all of the bottle feedings during the day. My favorite feedings are the 8:30 ones when Jason comes with me… having our little family all together is so nice. We are both smiling ear to ear the whole time we are there.

I got to hold both babies at the same time today.. it was one of the things I was looking forward to most and was just as cool as I thought it would be. Jack and Leah didn’t do as well on their feedings today and had to have a lot of them through their feeding tubes but they are trying. The nurses have assured us that they are just acting their age and are still doing great. They were moved to the same isolette today, which is a step in the right direction. I can’t tell you how excited I was when we walked in tonight and I saw two little heads in Leah’s bed. I think the only thing cuter than a baby is two babies.

They were checked for signs of jaundice today and are doing okay right now, but they may need to have the “tanning lights” tomorrow. In a few hours they will be three days old, which is hard to belive. They are starting to be more awake when we visit and are showing us their personalities a little bit. It is so fun. Every morning I wake up wondering how they will change today.

A few new pictures.


In the Beginning

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The past 36 hours have been amazing, I cannot put into words how great it is to finally be able to hold Jack and Leah and see their little faces.  Jack and Leah are both doing well. They have been moved from the warmers to isolettes and are maintaining their body temperatures. They had feeding tubes put in yesterday afternoon but are taking every other feeding by bottle. Sometimes they do great and other times they are just a little to tired to figure it out. I’m sure they will figure it out soon. 

Aunt Gina is also doing well and headed home today… hopefully she will get a hot shower, a good meal and much deserved drink!

Here are a few more pics of the Kiddos.

We are proud to present….

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Jack Anthony and Leah Rae arrived on Sunday September 20th… very early (I’ll have to get the times later). Jack was 4lb 10 oz and 16 inches long and Leah was 4 lb 11 oz and 16 1/2 inches long.

Aunt Gina and the babies are doing well. The babies were taken to the NICU.. we should have more information in the next couple of days regarding how long they will be there. I will tell you they came out screaming and very pink. Jack and Leah cannot have visitors until they are at home.

We have a date

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We went to the doctor again this morning. Gina’s contractions have stopped and there are no new changes.  The babies are looking great. If nothing changes the induction date will be september 30th.

I forgot to mention that Gina is now on bedrest. Her blood pressure is slightly elevated, so she is now required to take it easy. We go back to the OBGYN office monday for another non-stress test.

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