How Many People Does it Take?

September 9, 2009 at 8:56 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

When we started this process we had no idea how much paperwork would be required or how many different people we would need help from. Gina is family so I thought the whole thing would be relatively simple… I was wrong about that

Before we could start the IVF Process, we had to meet with a counselor/social worker and have a report created. We also had to have a surrogate agreement (legal contact) signed by the two of us and Tony and Gina. Then the IVF process started.

Now that the babies are almost here we have more to do. In the state of Kansas there are no laws regarding surrogates. If you give birth to a child in Kansas you are legally assumed to be the mother, and if you are married your husband is assumed to be the father. Therefore, Jason and I had to have an attorney take our case to court to get a court order indicating that Jack and Leah are in fact our children and we are responsible for them.

The attorney went to court last week and we found out yesterday that the judge will sign the documents after a few minor changes have been made. This is a huge relief. Some judges won’t sign the agreements until after the babies are born. It wouldn’t have been a huge deal to have our attorney go to court after the babies were born, but taking the signed agreements with us to the hospital will make life easier.

 So how many people does it take for Jason and I to have babies? Let’s see 1 counselor/social worker + 1 Reproductive Endrocronologist + 2 Lawyers + 1 Judge + 1 Perinatologist +1 Obgyn +1 amazing sister in law  and 1 very supportive and amazing brother in law. So 9 people and the 2 of us.


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