Questions about Surrogacy.

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When people find out that Jason and I are having twins and my sister in law Gina  is carrying them they are pretty shocked and normally amazed. They tell me how great it is and how lucky Jason and I are, and then they normally have some questions. I decided that I would post five of the questions that I get a lot.

1. So is it your egg and…..stuff?

Gina is technically serving as a Gestational Carrier, which means that the kids are biologically Jason and I’s. My egg and Jason’s sperm were used. When the embryos were ready they were transferred to Gina. We transferred two embryos and both stuck!

2. Are you worried that Gina will have trouble giving them up?

No, not at all. Gina started this process knowing the kids were not hers and she was just their very cool aunt. She did not want more children and was not doing this because she loved being pregnant. Gina wanted to help us and give us the joy that she has felt from being a parent. I do know that she will be a very special Aunt to Jack and Leah and remain an important part of their lives.  Plus, she is looking forward to sleeping all night after they get here : )

3. Are you going to any of the doctors appointments?

Yup. Every single one. One of the greatest things about all of this is that Gina has graciously allowed me to be a part of every step along the way. It means more to me than she will probably ever know. I have gotten to feel them move, see the stress test and be there for the sonograms. It has been an amazing experience.

4. Are you worried about what Gina is doing during the pregnancy?

Not at all. I know that Gina is doing EVERYTHING that she can to make sure these babies are healthy. She eats well, exercises and takes very good care of herself. They are so much healthier than they ever could have been if I was carrying them. I trust her 100% to make the choices that are best for her and the babies.

5. Will you be there for the birth?

YES! Jason and I will both be there. I cannot wait to see my little ones faces for the first time.


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