Busy Day

September 24, 2009 at 11:06 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Yesterday was a very busy day. So busy I forgot to post an update. The kiddos did well on their feedings. It looks like they are starting to get it. Aunt Gina came to visit the babies again and the very nice nurses snuck Uncle Tony in as well.  Aunt Gina is doing great.. she looks awesome! You would never know that she had two babies just 4 days ago.

We brought our car seats up to the hospital yesterday, and we found out that they were way too big. Jack looked so tiny in the carseat. Before the 8:30 feeding Jason and I ran out to Babies R’ Us to buy different ones. If anyone out there is having twins.. the Chicco Key Fit work the best for preemies. In a few days we will have to figure out how to put these in the car. I think I will let Daddy do it this time.

Everything else is going well.  The babies gained weight last night… only about an ounce each, but everyone is excited we are moving in the right direction. They were moved to a regular crib today, which means they can regulate their own body temperature. The doctor also removed their oxygen monitors because they haven’t had any problems with their oxygen saturation . The only thing keeping us in the hospital at the moment is learning how to eat. They both took all of their 8:30 bottles this morning. Jack even drank more than he was suppose to. Leah was crying so I was trying to get her a pacifier and feed Jack at the same time and I was shocked when I looked down and saw the whole thing was gone. Hopefully he isn’t spitting it all up as I write this. I hoping in the next couple of days we will add a few more bottle feedings.We can’t wait to get them home and I know the Grandmas are anxious to hold them.




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  1. Jason,Natalie,Jack & Leah

    Can’t wait till you get home so that Uncle Butch and I can come to visit and hold you…Very Happy for all of you.

    Uncle Butch & Aunt Martha

  2. We have the same Chicco key fit carseats. In fact, the hospital mentioned to us there is only a couple of seats that they will let preemies go home in. You’ll love them! I think they go up to 30 pounds, so they will last you well past their first year. As an FYI, the police department will put your car seat in correctly if you call and make an appointment. I am so enjoying your blog and re-living the days when our twins were this little. They look great!!

    Laura Nelson

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