Slow But Steady

September 26, 2009 at 7:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

The babies gained weight again yesterday. Jack gained a little under an ounce so he is still at 4 lb 11 oz and Leah is now 4 lb 9 oz. Jack did very well on his bottle feeds yesterday and will be doing all of his feedings by mouth today. We will see how that goes. Leah is still doing every other feeding by bottle. She takes about half of what she needs each time and then the nurses put the rest in through her feeding tube. They are making progress.. it is slow but steady.

Not much else to report. They moved the babies to a bigger crib. It’s not really a step up, it is just easier for us to change their diapers and stuff. The nurses tried to get it for Jack and Leah the other day but there were triplets coming and they had it set aside  for them. The word around the hospital is that the triplets have arrived and won’t be in the crib for a while… so we got it.

Jason and I are both getting anxious for the babies to be home. We don’t want them to come home before they are ready, but it will be really nice to all be under one roof and not be driving back and forth from the hospital so many times a day. The nurses have started letting us do more of their care now. We take their temperatures, change diapers, change their clothes, help weigh them and feed them. We also know how to turn the monitors off when they go crazy because a sensor has come off.. we are starting to feel like pros.


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