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I just realized that I hadn’t posted for a while. All that driving back and forth to the hospital is starting to make me tired. Last night Jason and I snuck away for a nice dinner. We thought that we might as well go one last time before the kiddos got home. The plan was to eat dinner and then skip the 8 p.m. feeding and come home and have a cocktail; however, after dinner I was missing the kids so we ended up swinging by for the 8 p.m. feeding on the way home.

Date Night

Little Leah has not had any “spells” for 48 hours. I pray that she will continue to do well. She still isn’t taking all of her feedings by bottle….tomorrow a child development specialist is coming to evaluate her because the doctor thinks that she looks a little tongue tied. Tongue tied is when the piece of skin that connects your tongue to your month is slighty longer than normal. If she is tongue-tied, Leah will have the piece of skin clipped a little bit by an oral surgeon. Grandpa won’t do it ..but he has given us the name of someone else to ask for.

Jack continues to do well and may be going home tomorrow. There isn’t really any reason for him to stay in the NICU. If he didn’t have a twin sister he would already be gone. With Jack coming home soon, the pediatrician had a long talk with us this morning about the rules for visitors at home. I’m sure the rest of this post will probably make some people think that we are going overboard.. but it is our job to protect these little guys and make sure they are as healthy as possible. This is expected to be one of the worst flu seasons in years and the beginning of RSV season. Jack and Leah are preemies and are much more susceptible to germs and the flu; therefore, we have been instructed that visitors for the first 8 weeks need to be extremely limited. We would love to have everyone meet the kids… however, the first 8 weeks will be family only. Our pediatrician also gave us a few other rules that visitors will need to follow.

1. Visits should be kept short…around 10-15 minutes

2. Visits should be in the morning

3. Everyone who walks through the door needs to wash their hands and sanitize them.

4. If you have been sick or around anyone who has beensick.. you can’t come for 7-10 days.

5. No kids

We hope that everyone will understand. It is hard for us not to be able to have everyone over right away…we think Jack and Leah are pretty darn cute and can’t wait until we can show them off.

Jack and DadSleepy Girl



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  1. Have you asked about the RSV shot? Since their preemies, they should qualify. It’s pretty expensive, but I’m sure you’ve met the deductible this year, so you shouldn’t have any co-pay. It takes a couple weeks to get approved, but I’m sure your kids should meet those qualifications. I believe you get it every month through-out RSV season. You are not even close to going overboard! I always appreciated people who would come over after we started having visitors and washed their hands without being asked to. In fact, David and I are implementing that rule again, now that flu season is so bad this year. How exciting, Jack is coming home!! So happy for you. I always remember when Ireland came home before Jace, by about a week, it was the easist week ever!! Your going to love having them home!!

    Laura Nelson

  2. Edwin had the RSV shot while he was in the NICU–I think it lasts for the whole season. It was totally worth it! (And our insurance covered every cent.) Congratulations on getting to bring Jack home! You’re going to love it!!

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