All Together In One Place

October 4, 2009 at 7:35 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

It has been a busy couple of days and the lack of sleep is starting to set in. Friday night my Dad and sister came to visit Jack for the first time, and my parents made us a steak dinner. It was such a great evening. Spending time with family, eating good food, listening to music and just hanging out. It was perfect.. except we were missing our sweet baby Leah.

Saturday night went better than our first two nights at home and Jason and I are both a bit more rested. My mom took the 5 am feeding and the 8 am feeding and let us both sleep in, which was great!! It is great to have her here. She has been cooking, doing laundry and helping with the babies. I don’t know what we would do without her.

Then today… LEAH CAME HOME!!! We took Jack with us to the hospital so that we could all come home together.It has been wonderful having them both at home. Aunt Gina and Grandma Rosemary came to visit. I am tired, but this is still one of the best days ever. Jason and I have both been smiling all day knowing that we are finally all together in one place.

They weighed Leah before she left the hospital and she is now 5 lb 2 oz. They are growing soo fast. We even have a few preemie outfits that they have grown out of and several hats that are too small.

Here are some new pictures.



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  1. Ok they are great but something is missing! I haven’t got to hold them I HAVEN’T BEEN SICK!!!! So I better get a call when I can come over. I’ll let you sleep also. And even cook. 🙂 Plus I have a gifts from your mom and myself. Congrats on being at home and being together. You look great and what a wonderful thing.

  2. Hi Tucker Family,

    Looks like youall are snug as bugs at home! We have been thinking of you and hope that all is going well getting settled at home.

    Lots of love from the Kates’!
    Em, Tim & Baby Brody

  3. Congratulations, Jason and Natalie! So happy for you that you and your family are home together. I love coming in every morning and reading your blogs, makes my day!!!

    Bridget Reber

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