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October 13, 2009 at 3:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

When I thought about bringing the babies home one of the things that I was worried about most was how our dog Chief would respond. Jason told me not to worry becuase Chief would be fine, but I couldn’t help it. Don’t get me wrong, Chief is a good dog. I was just worried because Jason spends a lot of time with him and some people would say that he is a bit spoiled… actually most everyone who knows Jason and Chief would say that Chief is a bit spoiled. Chief was Jason’s dog before we met and has had quite a few changes in life since I came into the picture. Before I came around Chief slept in the bed, could get on all of the furniture and had free range of the house. Now he sleeps in a kennel is not allowed on the furniture, and is in one room when we are gone. He did well with these changes with only a couple of incidents.. one involving an entire bag of Kit Kats but that is another story. I was worried that this change might push chief over the edge.

Before the babies came I read on-line about how to introduce your new additions to the dog. We followed most of the suggestions. We brought things home that smelled like the babies and we even wrapped a baby doll up and talked to it like a baby. I know how this sounds… but I really do think it helped. When we first brought Jack home, I think that Chief thought Jack was the doll. He didn’t even look twice at him. It wasn’t until later than evening when Jack started crying that Chief  realized he was even real.

Overall Chief has done great with change… I am very proud. He is even a little protective over the babies. He sits in front of their cradle when they are sleeping. If we put them in the crade and leave the room for a minute he barks. The only time he seems to get jealous is when we have visitors. He is used to the visitors paying attention to him, but I’m sure that with time he will get used to it.

Jason was right on two accounts. One chief really is a good dog and two I shouldn’t worry so much.



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  1. Our twins grew to absolutley love our dog Charlie. When they finally were able to recognize him, they would giggle and scream whenever Charlie came around. It was the cutest thing. In fact, Jace use to chase him in his walker. We had to recently put Charlie to sleep, and the twins have gone to the back door quite a few times to look for him. We got several pictures of Charlie with the kids because David was sure they would want to know about him when they got older. The babies will grow to love Chief.

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