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I have been meaning to post for the past few days, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Last week was good. Monday I had my first day home alone with the babies. For some reason I was nervous about it… which I’m not really sure why. I am happy to report that it went very well. I even got a shower and took the babies on a walk. My Aunt came to help out last Tuesday and Jason was home last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It was so nice to have Jason here helping and to have some time just the four of us. We made some great meals and watched a lot of movies. I was sad this morning when he left for work, but I know that we need to get in to a normal routine.

This afternoon my mom came back. She is spending the night with us tonight and is going to do ALL of the night-time feedings so that we can both sleep.  I can’t tell you how excited Jason and I are. Jason is even having a drink to celebrate. I have a feeling I will be a new person tomorrow!! The babies are still waking up every three hours. We have had a couple of nights where they have slept 3 and a half hours but they haven’t gone any longer than that. If one wakes up we go ahead and wake up the other one to keep them on the same schedule, so I think that it may be awhile before they start sleeping in longer stretches. I know I said that I was going to try and appreciate the stage that the babies were in and not wish for the future… but I can’t wait for them to sleep a little more at night

Here are a couple of new pictures.





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  1. Not sure if your babies are quite ready yet, but a couple things I did at night, which really helped to get them to sleep longer, was the following:

  2. Sorry, hit enter by accident 🙂

    Again . . .
    1. Don’t turn on any lights when feeding them at night
    2. Don’t talk to them
    3. Don’t change their diaper, unless it needs to be, or go every other one at night
    I read this in a baby book. The theory behind it is to make it as boring as possible for them so they don’t want to get up at night.

    I also started feeding them every three hours during the day, and only on demand at night. We were at 4 hour intervals. This way I would make sure they got their calories during the day, and at night it was just extra. I didn’t start implementing this until my twins were around 11 to 12 pounds, and it actually worked. Jace started sleeping 6 hours straight right away, where as Ireland took a couple weeks to get used to it.

    Hang in there, the sleep will come. It’s funny, after you reach that major hurdle of sleeping through the night, then comes teething! And, you start all over again!

    I know I eventually just got used to only sleeping 4 or 5 hours total at night. It actually got to the point where the babies were sleeping for longer periods of time, but I was still getting up. I told my husband I needed something else to do at 3 am:)

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