November 1, 2009 at 6:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Yesterday was the babies first Halloween, but the big news at our house is that Jason and I got the H1N1 vaccine. We got up at 6:30 to be in line at the Johnson County Health department at 7:00 to get our vaccines on Saturday. After two and a half hours we both got the vaccine. It was crazy, there were hundreds of people there waiting in line. The funnier part was that right around 9 when they opened all the mini vans and SUV’s opened up and the kids and moms poured out to get in line with the Dads. The babies couldn’t get the vaccine because they aren’t 6 months yet so it was very important for us to get the vaccine. I was glad that we were able to get this out of the way.

For Halloween Jack was a monkey and Leah was a mouse. We ended up going to Lawrence to my parents house to spend the night on Saturday night. The babies were good and it was really nice to get out of our house for a while. It was also really nice to have all of the extra help.

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos on Halloween.


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  1. Too cute! They are getting so big already!

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