Bad Habits

November 4, 2009 at 12:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

We have gotten in to a bit of a bad habit with Jack. At night he cries when we laid him in his crib, but the moment we pick him up he falls asleep. We discovered that he sleeps fine in the bouncy seat so we did what any parent would do..we let him sleep in the bouncy seat. I know this isn’t the best but he sleeps that way so we keep doing it. I suspected that Jack’s problem with laying flat was probably due to his acid reflux and his dose has been increased; however, he is still sleeping in the bouncy chair at night. 

I have decided that we need to get him used to sleeping in his crib again so we don’t end up with a mess as he gets older. Unfortunately, this is easier said that done. Last night I put him to bed in his crib only to have him grunt for 45 min before he finally fell asleep. He didn’t ever cry… he just grunted. It is actually kind of funny. He did finally fall asleep but he ended up back in the bouncy before the night was over. I figure as long as he starts sleeping a portion of the night in the crib we are headed in the right direction.

Speaking of sleeping. Jack and Leah slept a four-hour stretch and a three hour and forty five-minute stretch last night. They did this Sunday as well. I know that it doesn’t sound like it would make a big difference… but it really does. I can only hope this is a pattern that will continue.



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  1. They are just getting so big! I can’t get over how much they are growing. Have you tried elevating the mattress a little? Stick a couple of blankets under the mattress end where his head goes. I have done this several times for my kids, and it seems to help them quite a bit. And hey, you shouldn’t feel guilty about letting him sleep in his bouncy chair. You’re still in survival mode. Do anything you can to help the 2 of you out. He will outgrow this stage.

  2. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting Jack sleep in his bouncy chair. As long as he’s safe and cared for–which he is–he should be good to go. Remember, you guys need sleep too! And it’s just as important as his! (Otherwise, you end up doing wonky things . . . like putting the half-empty bottle in the bathroom cabinet. I’m just sayin’. ;))

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