November 9, 2009 at 10:06 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I have been really excited for Leah to finally be able to wear a dress. At first, Leah was so tiny and we didn’t have any dresses small enough. Now we have a few dresses that are small enough, but it is cold outside so she needs to wear tights and they don’t make tights small enough for Leah’s skinny legs. I was out this weekend and found a pair of tights that were so tiny I thought they might work. I got all excited and brought them home and tried them on Leah and this is what it looked like. Not tight at all.


 It was nice outside on Saturday so Leah wore a dress with just socks. Maybe in a few weeks we can try the tights again.

Leah's Dress



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  1. I can remember the same thing with Ireland. I actually found a pair of leggings that almost worked. I think she was 5 months old before tights actually worked on her. Leah looks so cute in her first dress.

  2. So cute! When Molly was small we used leggings and a lot of BabyLegs under dresses. Have you checked them out yet? SO cute!

  3. She looks absolutely lovely in her dress. Would tightish pants work in place of tights? We bought some Just One Year pj sets where the pants are really tight for Edwin–they might have something in a premie size that would work. Otherwise . . . you could always take up knitting and make her little leg-warmers. 😉 Or there might be some on Etsy that would work (www.etsy.com). You have a very cute little girl–good job Mommy!

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