November 13, 2009 at 11:21 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

This afternoon Jason and I are headed to Lawrence with the kids and Chief. My parents and sister are going to watch the kids tonight so Jason and can go out to dinner and have a date night.  I am SO excited. I can’t wait to get dressed up and go some where just the two of us. Jason and I have been looking forward to this all week and carefully planning where we are going to go on our night off… I will tell you it includes cocktails and some good food. : )

I have packing, laundry, cleaning and a shower on my to do list before we head out and my list could grow if someone decides to spit up down their shirt or have a major blow out before we leave so I better get started. I’ll post pics from our weekend on Monday.

Gathering our stuff for Lawrence




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  1. Isn’t it amazing how even a simple trip out turns into a major packing affair? Even with just Edwin, I feel like a sherpa, and the SUV is packed full when we go up to spend the weekend with my parents in Topeka. Congrats on the evening out!! You guys deserve it!!!

  2. How funny! When I go out to my parents during the week, It takes me an hour to pack for that:) And we’re just going for the day! It looks like Leah’s hair is growing?

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