Last Weekend.

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It is Thursday and I am finally getting around to writing about last weekend. The kids and I all wore our pajamas all day yesterday if that tells you anything. I figure we can do that for one day, but that means we HAVE to get dressed today.  

Last weekend was great. Jason and I went out for drinks and dinner on friday. It was so nice to have an evening without the kids and some grown up conversation. We enjoyed a few hours alone but were thrilled to come and say good night to them when we got home.

Saturday I went and ran some errands with my mom and sister while Jason and my dad were in charge. I got a little christmas shopping done, which was nice. In the afternoon the twins great grandparents (Ma and Grandad) came to visit. Sunday we took the babies out to lunch for the first time. We planned it all out like we were on some sort of mission. We went right at eleven, sat in the corner and kept the kids all covered up. I think there was only one other couple in the restaurant the whole time we were in there but it still made me nervous.

In other news, we went to the doctor on Tuesday. Jack now weighs 8 lb 12 oz and Leah weighs 7 lb 12 oz. They are both 19 1/2 inches long. They got their first round of vaccinations and were a little out of sorts on Tuesday but not too bad. We also found out that Jack has a mild case of Torticollis, which is basically a flat head. He just has it a little bit on one side so he will go to physical therapy and I am supposed to make sure that he lies on the other side as much as possible. He doesn’t love it when I make him lay that way but he is starting to get used to it. The doctor gave us the okay to feed the babies 6 times a day rather than 8. This doesn’t sound like a big change, but for me it is huge. They will have to work up to this gradually but I had them eat every 3 1/2 hours instead of 3 yesterday and they seem to be adjusting well.

Here are a couple of new pictures. There are more of Leah because Jack was crying in a lot of his. I’ll have to take some more of him soon.


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