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I realized that I never put an update about the babies Ultra sounds. They both did very well with the test. Jack even smiled while he was having it done and the results showed that there were no hemangiomas on their livers or other organs. This is great news.

Now on to Christmas. Our original plan for christmas was to spend Christmas Eve with the Tuckers and then drive out to Lawrence after we were done and spend Christmas Day with my family; however, the weather changed our plans. We ended up going out to Lawrence early on Christmas Eve . My Aunt and cousins were able to come up from Texas this year. We haven’t had the whole family together for quite a while and it was fun to see everyone. Then we celebrated with the Tuckers the day after Christmas. The babies did well for the most part. Leah had a little trouble with all the noise… she is going to have to get used to that. Big families are always loud.


A Late Merry Christmas

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I meant to post this yesterday but never got around to it. Merry Christmas to everyone!! This year was EXTRA special because we had the babies here to celebrate with us. Jason and I feel very blessed and are loving being parents.

Christmas Outifts

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Every year around christmas time my sister comes and stays with Jason and I for a weekend. In the past we went christmas shopping and then to a nice dinner and watched movies. This year was a bit different with the babies, but we are still having a great time. Yesterday Bailey and I left Jason in charge while we went to a movie and did a little shopping. We found the cutest christmas outfits for the babies. They both already had christmas outfits but these were just too cute!!  Today we are going to make some christmas cookies.


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Jack and Leah are going to see a dermatologist at Children’s Mercy today because they both have several hemangiomas. If you don’t know what a hemangioma is it is a cluster or build up of blood vessels. Some kids have them at birth and they grow for about six months and then they start to disappear. No one really knows why some kids have them and some don’t. It doesn’t appear to be genetic or anything like that.

Because Jack and Leah both have more than three our pediatrician is sending us to a dermatologist to have them evaluated. If you have several hemangiomas on your skin it could mean you have them on your liver or other places as well. Most likely they will just watch them. As the doctor told us. Nature removes them much better than we ever could. However, Leah has one on her upper lip underneath the skin. This could cause problems with eating or other things so they want to keep a closer eye on her.

I’ll post an update after we go to the doctor.


We went to the doctor on friday. The dermatologist is not concerned about Leah’s hemangiomas, but she wants to keep a closer eye on Jack because he has six of them. We go in Wednesday for an Ultrasound to make sure that there are no hemangiomas on the liver or other organs. Leah is going to go ahead and have an ultrasound as well becuase the test doesn’t require any medications or have side effects and she will be there anyway. They scheduled our appointment for 7:15 in the morning. I don’t think that is very nice to ask a mom of 3 month old twins to be anywhere at 7:15 but they didnt’ ask if that worked for us they just told us to be there. To add to the fun the babies can’t eat for 4 hours ahead of time. It should be an interesting morning. I predict everyone will need a nap by the time that we are done. Poor Jason will have to go to work after the whole ordeal.

It must be in their genes.

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Something happened. Something so gross and funny that I just had to share.

A couple of nights ago I was doing the last feeding of the evening. The babies were both sitting in their bouncy chairs and I was washing out their bottles when I heard it. A very loud and very nasty noise. I looked over and both babies appeared to be asleep.. so I looked at the dog. Chief looked at me and tilted his head and I figured it must have been a dog fart. After cleaning out the bottles I went to pick up Jack and I knew the noise was not a dog fart. I took Jack in the other room to change his pants and some how when I had the diaper off he made the noise again and the next thing I knew Jack, the bed, the floor and I were all covered in green poo. It was so gross the only thing I could do was laugh, which made Jack smile. Three diapers, about 20 wipes, a new pair of pajamas for Jack, a new pair of pajamas for me and a load of laundry later the mess was finally cleaned up. The funniest part was that the entire time I was changing him every time I would say “Jack this is nasty.” He would crack up. What a boy. Even baby boys think farts and poop are funny. It must be in their genes.

Pictures Pictures Pictures

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Things have been very busy recently. I have wanted to add a post to the blog but it just hasn’t happened. I also have a whole list of other things I would like to get done. Things like putting new pictures in the babies albums and getting all of the clothes out of their closet that don’t fit them. I’m sure it will all happen eventually.

The babies are at a really fun stage right now. They are both smiling like crazy. It is just so much fun to be with them. I feel very blessed that I am able to be a stay at home mom. There are so many cute things they do all day long that I can’t imagine missing. I know I am one lucky girl. Here are some new pictures of Jack and Leah and our recent adventures.

Still here

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The babies and I are still at my parents house. The roads aren’t that bad, but it is just soo darn cold. I feel like an old lady saying this, but if I were to have car trouble and my two little ones stuck in the freezing cold it wouldn’t be good. Plus, I have a lot of help when I am here. Tuesday night my mom did all of the night-time feedings by herself so I could sleep all night and last night the kids slept good, so I feel like I have a lot of energy today. It is amazing what a difference one day can make. Aunt Bailey is also a LOT of help. She and Jack have become good buddies this week. He loves sitting in her lap while she reads. When I try to read with Jack in my lap he screams but for some reason when Aunt Bailey does it Jack thinks its great.

Jason will be coming up for the weekend. I am very excited to see him. I still miss him like crazy when he is gone. My mom is going to watch the kids for us all night on friday night so we can have a date night. I am very excited about this. I think the plan is dinner and a movie. Sunday my mom and I are hosting a baby shower for my good friend Lindsey. It should be a fun and busy weekend.

I have been slacking a little on the picture taking while I have been up here. I will have to take some today and post them later. The babies are smiling like crazy these days. They are also starting to coo more, which is the cutest thing ever.

Tired and Uninspired

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Recently the babies have been wearing me out. Some days they sleep great other days not so much. The are becoming more active and needing a lot more of mommy’s attention.

 Jason is out-of-town for a couple of days, so the babies and I are in Lawrence. It is nice to spend time with my family and have extra helpers around. The plan is for us to drive home tomorrow, but I’m not sure if the weather is going to cooperate. I hope that it does because I know that we would all really like to see Jason when he gets back. Here are some new pictures.



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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to my parents and stayed for a few days. It was nice to see everyone but we were glad to get back home. Things have been busy since thanksgiving.. we have had appointments, decorated for christmas, worked on our christmas cards and spent some time trying to get the house back in order.

I have been trying to post for a couple of days but Jack and Leah have decided that they don’t like to sleep at the same time anymore during the day which has made that difficult. As I type this Leah is sitting on my lap.

Yesterday Jack had his first physical therapy appointment for his torticollis. The physical therapist just gave us some stretches to do and we go back in a couple of weeks. I have been trying to make him lay on the other side of his head as much as I can since we went to the doctor last and I think that it is already getting a little bit better. Leah has had enough computer time today so I guess I’m done. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving.

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