It must be in their genes.

December 17, 2009 at 12:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Something happened. Something so gross and funny that I just had to share.

A couple of nights ago I was doing the last feeding of the evening. The babies were both sitting in their bouncy chairs and I was washing out their bottles when I heard it. A very loud and very nasty noise. I looked over and both babies appeared to be asleep.. so I looked at the dog. Chief looked at me and tilted his head and I figured it must have been a dog fart. After cleaning out the bottles I went to pick up Jack and I knew the noise was not a dog fart. I took Jack in the other room to change his pants and some how when I had the diaper off he made the noise again and the next thing I knew Jack, the bed, the floor and I were all covered in green poo. It was so gross the only thing I could do was laugh, which made Jack smile. Three diapers, about 20 wipes, a new pair of pajamas for Jack, a new pair of pajamas for me and a load of laundry later the mess was finally cleaned up. The funniest part was that the entire time I was changing him every time I would say “Jack this is nasty.” He would crack up. What a boy. Even baby boys think farts and poop are funny. It must be in their genes.



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  1. Thanks for that–I needed the laugh. 🙂

    (For what it’s worth, we did wash Edwin off in the sink/shower a few times when he had those blow-outs–I would stop at about 5 wipes, give up, and just spray him off. Works beautifully. :))

  2. That is so funny!!! I needed a good laugh tonight. My twins both caught a virus when then were about 6 months old and had this problem, though not as bad as Jack, for about 2 weeks straight! I can remember having to change their diaper just about every hour. Thanks for the memories:)

  3. Yes, it is in their genes!! I am feeling a bit outnumbered around here! I give you props for actually getting the laundry done right then…clothes have been known to soak overnight around here 🙂 Great to talk to you guys the other night. Hang in there and remember when you are freaking out calm is right around the corner waiting or at least a bottle of wine.

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