The Cry Pants and the Amazing Leah

January 7, 2010 at 11:34 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

The Cry Pants

A few weeks ago we came home from visiting Jason’s family and Jack was having a terrible afternoon. Nothing we were doing seemed to help. We tried the swing, the bouncy, holding him and walking around and nothing made the crying stop. Finally, I tried changing his diaper for the second time and when I took his pants off the crying magically stopped. I put the pants back on and the crying resumed. IT WAS THE PANTS! I felt terrible I had put pants on Jack that were squashing the life out of him. I felt like a bad mother,  but then I checked to see how tight the pants were and they weren’t really tight at all. So the next explanation was that Jack must have had gas and it was just a bad day for pants.

A few days later I put another pair of pants on Jack only to have the same thing happen. These pants weren’t tight either. Jack has decided that he cannot wear most pants. For some reason there are one or two pairs that are ok but the rest are now  in the back of the closet. I guess we will stick to one pieces for now.  All of this makes me wonder who is really in charge here… I’m beginning to thing it might be Jack.

The Amazing Leah

For the past week when I go in to feed the babies in the middle of the night Leah somehow manages to get herself totally upside down in her crib while remaining swaddled. There was a wedge in her bed to help with her reflux and I thought that the incline was helping her wiggle, but last night I took out the wedge and she still managed to get herself upside down. She is wild sleeper.


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  1. It must be a boy thing. It was about this time that Jace starting having these crying fits. If I held him really close, that was the only way I could get him to stop. I got to the point where I was giving him gas drops in just about every bottle, and that actually seemed to help.

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