Crying and more Crying

February 11, 2010 at 9:01 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Yesterday was a very challenging day. Actutally it was probably the most challenging day I have had since the babies got home. There was a lot of crying . Miss Leah is having some problems with her acid reflux again. Yesterday there were two feedings that she just refused to eat and then she screamed for about an hour and a half after I tried to feed her. Poor thing. Jack has recently learned how to scream, which he normally he does it when he is happy. Yesterday he alternated between screaming and laughing to crying. I think he thought Leah was getting too much of  my attention. There were a couple of times when they were both screaming and I couldn’t seem to make either of them happy and I really just wanted to cry too.

The doctor has switched Leah to the same acid reflux medicine that Jack is on and I hope that it starts working soon. I am also supposed to put cereal in her bottle, but she is not having any of that. At one point yesterday Leah had only taken a total of 9 ounces in 11 hours  and getting anything down her became more important than giving her the formula mixed with cereal. I was worried she was going to get dehydrated. When Jason got home he finally got her to take a whole bottle and then evening got a lot better.

Tonight we are headed to Lawrence. We are going to spend the night and then tomorrow morning Jason and I will come back to KC without the kids. Jack and Leah are staying at Grandma and grandpa’s for the whole weekend. Tomorrow Jason scheduled a massage and pedicure for me and then we are going out to dinner. Saturday the plan is to sleep in and go to a movie and then we are having dinner with a big group of a friends. I am soo excited for this weekend. Even though it is only Thursday it has been a long week. Maybe the babies were just trying to make it so I don’t miss them too much this weekend : )


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  1. Have a great time!!

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