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March 9, 2010 at 8:35 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

When Leah was born she was tongue tied. This basically means that the piece of skin connecting her tongue to her mouth is longer than most peoples. While we were still in the NICU they had a specialist come look at her and determined that it wasn’t keeping her from eating so we would just leave it alone for the time being.

After talking to our pediatrician and Dr. Grandpa.. we decided that we should go ahead and have a frenectomy done, which is a procedure where the piece of skin is cut. My Dad does this procedure but didn’t want to do it on baby Leah so we took her for a consultation to see another oral surgeon today. While we were there they ended up doing the frenectomy. I am happy to report that Little Leah was a champ. She cried a little but was very good. I felt terrible having to hold her while they did it but it was very fast and she was back to normal in no time. The funniest thing was that she has been sticking her tongue out all day. I tried to grab a picture but I was never able to catch it.

Here are a few new pics


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  1. They get cuter every day! Thank you for sharing them with us–the pictures are awesome. 🙂

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