First Easter

April 4, 2010 at 7:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I just realized that I hadn’t posted for a whole week. The babies were great last week. Very happy. We spent as much time as possible outside. Lots of walks! We had lunch with Daddy at work. Grandma Rhonda and Aunt Bailey came on friday and spent the night and Grandma Rosemary and Grandpa Joe came and had dinner with us on Saturday night.

I tried the crying it out thing on naps this week. It didn’t go that well. I think it is supposed to get easier every day but it seemed to get worse. The first day it took 25 minutes for them to go to sleep the second and third day Jack talked/cried/played for a whole hour and never went to sleep. This morning they it only took 15 minutes for the morning nap and then they never did fall asleep in their beds for the afternoon nap. They ended up taking the afternoon nap in the stroller. I guess I’ll keep trying. I think this may be a sign that my children are very stubborn.

Easter didn’t go as planned. We were going to go to church and then have dinner with the Tucker’s, but Jason was sick and Jack and I are both stuffy so we stayed at home. Jason’s family sent some food over to us and we spent the day just lounging around the house. I did manage to get a few pics of the babies in their easter clothes. I had really wanted to get a picture of all four of us because we didn’t get one at the baptism.. but that didn’t happen. Maybe we can take one before church next week.


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