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April 26, 2010 at 7:57 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I have been meaning to post for days but the past couple of weeks have been CRAZY. Jack has had an ear infection that doesn’t seem to want to go away and hasn’t slept all night for days (He is starting his second round of antibiotics today). Jason and I had a weekend getaway since I last posted. We went to Dallas for four days. We had a great time. We ate and shopped and just hung out. It was a nice break. While we were in Dallas we had breakfast with a friend of mine from college,  her husband and her daughter Molly. Molly is three and was a total doll. It made me excited for when our kids get bigger. One of the funniest things was riding around with them in the car and Molly requesting that we listen to Kings of Leon….she even knew all the songs.

This past weekend I hosted a shower for a good friend. I have hosted a lot of things at my house but this is the first thing since the babies have been here. It was more work than I anticipated. I kind of forgot that I wouldn’t be able to do much ahead of time. It all came together at the last-minute and it turned out great. It was nice to have a whole afternoon with adults.

The kids are cracking me up these days. Leah has started to do a strange version of crawling…she basically is crawling but keeps her head on the ground and won’t pick it up. It is pretty funny. She is getting quick and can roll or crawl off of her blanket faster every day. This past weekend we went and got the “baby jail” or gate.. it takes up our entire living room. I thought our house looked like a day care center before and now it looks like a cross between a pet store and a day care. The gate just keeps reminding me of those gates you use to keep puppies from running away. : )  Jack is becoming very vocal. He laughs out loud all the time and does this screaming/yelling thing when he is really excited. The kids have also started to notice each other recently. Today I had one of them in the jumpy thing that hangs in the door way and the other one in the excersaucer and they were cracking up at each other. It was too cute! I ran to get the video camera but they stopped as soon as I got it on.

Here are a couple of pics I have been terrible about taking pictures recently, so there aren’t as many as usual.




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  1. I’m sorry to hear about the ear infection! Is it possible Jack has allergies? Edwin had his first ear infection in the past couple of weeks, and we think part of what the problem was was the high pollen count–we gave him baby Zyrtec along with the antibiotics, and it helped clear him right up. I’m told bad allergies can cause ear infections, so it might be worth checking out with his pediatrician. Good luck!!

  2. Just a thought. Have you tried the over the counter ear drops for ear infections? They are supposed to take the pain away. I’ve only had to use them once and they worked really well. My doctor told me its very painful when they lay down because of the fluid buildup. Love the post this week! The kids are getting so big!

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