Great Week

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This week has been a great week. We have had a couple of firsts. We all ate dinner at the table as a family.. and we all went out to dinner together and the kiddos sat in high chairs. Our dinner out went great. We went to Jalapenos for some mexican food. When we got there the hostess looked at the kids and said “they look too little for high chairs where are they going to sit?” Our response … bring on the high chairs. Jack and Leah love being able to sit at the table when we go out. They both are little hams and try as hard as possible to get everyone around them to smile and laugh at them. They weren’t having much luck this particular night because it wasn’t very busy (we ate at 4:30 like old people to avoid chaos) but that didn’t stop them from trying. They leaned out the side of the high chairs and smiled and laughed and threw their toys on the ground and talked to each other until finally some of the waitresses noticed them.

Both kids are also getting extremely close to crawling. Leah is army crawling and Jack rocks back and forth and scoots. We will have mobile kids before we know it… which scares me just a little. I know that I will have less control when that happens. I also think it will make the kids happier. Jack seems frustrated a lot that he can’t get a toy he wants or move somewhere. I think he is really wanting to be more independent. Today we are headed to Deanna Rose Farm with my cousin and our neighbors little guy Miles. It should be fun.


A Visit to the Zoo

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Last tuesday the babies and I went to the Zoo with Grandma Rhonda and Grandpa Kirk. I know the babies are a little young for the zoo, but it was a beautiful day and that was a good place for us to go walk around. It was a little hard for the kids to see many of the animals. Leah liked the baby deer. A bunch of toddlers were feeding them through the fence and she thought that was pretty cool. Jack and Leah also enjoyed seeing the other kids. Recently, they both smile and laugh whenever they see other little kids. It is pretty cute. We only stayed a couple of hours but it was a fun morning. After the zoo we went and had some pizza for lunch. Jack slept through lunch and Leah sat in the high chair and flirted with everyone that walked by. They are both becoming quite the entertainers.

Things that make you go hmmm…

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When you have twins you tend to draw a lot of attention when going out in public. It is so strange if I just have one of the kids hardly anyone comments but when you have two EVERYONE feels the need to say something. Sometimes it is fun and the kids like the extra attention but other times I just want to get in and out of somewhere quickly and that is impossible. In the last few weeks we have had some interesting comments so I thought I would post a few of them.

The Things People Say

“Oh how nice a boy and girl are they identical? ”  

“I’ve heard having two is easier.”

“Are they the same.”

“You are busy.”

“Did you know you were having twins.”

“Are they both boys?” (For some reason this is normally asked when Leah is wearing a pink outfit and bow)

“Are they the same age.”

“Which one is happier?”

What were we thinking?

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Jack has been getting up super early recently, which has left me a little tired recently. Last week I got these new bags that you can put in the microwave to sanitize bottles and stuff. I was all excited and decided that I would sanitize the babies teething toys. That wasn’t the smartest idea because they have water in them and when the water boiled they burst open and the plastic melted. Looking back I should have know better…. but when you are tired you can’t think clearly.

Then Sunday I went to shower and Jason was watching Jack. I came back down and Jack was quietly sitting down on the couch next to Jason with a magazine. “We are reading.” Jason said. Then I looked at the magazine and realized Jason was reading and Jack was having a snack.

Weekend in Omaha

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This past weekend we went to Omaha to visit some friends. This was the babies first road trip and our first time to stay with someone other than family. I was extremely nervous about the whole trip because you never know how the babies are going to do… but they did pretty well.  

Our friends Mike and Lisa were wonderful hosts and we enjoyed catching up with them and seeing their boys, Peter and Sam. It was a fun weekend. We had good food and got to spend some time with friends. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Escape Artist

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This afternoon I was feeding Jack when I looked over at the excersaucer and could barely see Leah’s head. She found a way to somehow get most of her body through one leg hole.  It was soo funny and she did it three or four times. She is soo close to crawling. I am going to be in big trouble when my little escape artist figures that out.

Photo Contest.

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We entered Jack and Leah in the Parents magazine cover photo contest. Click on the links below to make comments on their photos. The judges look at how many comments the pictures have.

Happy Mother’s Day

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The last time we took a family photo was christmas. One of the things I wanted to do on mother’s day was take another one… which we did. I had a wonderful first mother’s day. We spent the day with my family and had mexican food.  It was a great day!

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Yesterday we loaned one of our bouncy seats to a friend. I felt like it was a milestone… giving away one of the chairs that we once could not live without. In the beginning they sat in those chairs off and on all day and night. Now when I put them in them they either try to sit up straight or try to roll over. It is hard to believe my little babies are getting soo big.

Leah has been sitting up on her own. She still falls over occasionally but she is getting pretty darn good at it.  I think Jack could do it if he wanted to but the moment you move your hand or leg he just slides down. He doesn’t seem to worry about being independent the way Leah does. I think it is a boy thing.

We have been struggling with sleep issues recently. Leah sleeps all night but ever since Jack got an ear infection he has been having trouble. We had to start the cry it out thing over again last week. It started out with an hour or more of crying but the last couple of days we are down to 5 or 10 minutes. Jack is still waking up in the middle of the night. The good thing is he is starting to get himself back to sleep in a shorter amount of time. Sometimes it feels like the sleep thing is just torture. You think you get it all figured out and then an ear infection or teething happens and you are back at square one. I know teaching Jack to fall asleep on his on is the best thing for everyone but sometimes its really hard to do. We are going to my parents this weekend and I hope we can keep on track.

Jack’s production

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Yesterday was definitely a monday. I started off the day telling myself we are going to have a great day. Jack actually slept all night and things were going to be good. That didn’t last long. Jack was super crabby in the morning and ended up falling asleep for his morning nap at 7:30 which meant that the kids didn’t nap at the same time making it difficult for me to get a shower. I decided to keep going with the plan and we went and ran some errands and grabbed lunch for me and they were pretty good.. only a couple of minor issues while we were out. Then in the afternoon they just took turns crying. I have no idea what was going on but nothing was making them happy.

I fed jack first at the 3 pm feeding and then stuck him in the bouncy thing while I fed Leah. He was smiling and happy and I thought we had finally turned a corner. Then when I got done feeding Leah I walked over there and realized he was standing in something. Sometimes he spits up and it goes out the leg hole of the bouncy and he steps in it… but this looked different. Upon further inspection I realized it was poop and it was everywhere. It didn’t seem possible for Jack to make this much poop. I took a deep breath put Leah down and started on the mess. Leah immediately started screamed and continued for the duration of the incident. When I picked Jack up I ended up with poop all over me. He started screaming. I took him to the sink and hosed him off clothes and all with the sprayer… then we went to the guest room to finish. Jack proceeded to roll over and got poop on the bed, changing pad.. more on mommy and two clean outfits that were laying on the bed. Sick, sick and sick. As I’m writing this I realize that it is a little funny this morning but yesterday it was not funny.. with both kids crying and all the choas I was in tears. I am happy to report the evening did get better. Once Jason got home the kids were happy again and we all had dinner and they went to bed like little angels. I guess that is one good thing about kids nothing lasts too long. Even a terrible day can still end great.

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