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Yesterday we loaned one of our bouncy seats to a friend. I felt like it was a milestone… giving away one of the chairs that we once could not live without. In the beginning they sat in those chairs off and on all day and night. Now when I put them in them they either try to sit up straight or try to roll over. It is hard to believe my little babies are getting soo big.

Leah has been sitting up on her own. She still falls over occasionally but she is getting pretty darn good at it.  I think Jack could do it if he wanted to but the moment you move your hand or leg he just slides down. He doesn’t seem to worry about being independent the way Leah does. I think it is a boy thing.

We have been struggling with sleep issues recently. Leah sleeps all night but ever since Jack got an ear infection he has been having trouble. We had to start the cry it out thing over again last week. It started out with an hour or more of crying but the last couple of days we are down to 5 or 10 minutes. Jack is still waking up in the middle of the night. The good thing is he is starting to get himself back to sleep in a shorter amount of time. Sometimes it feels like the sleep thing is just torture. You think you get it all figured out and then an ear infection or teething happens and you are back at square one. I know teaching Jack to fall asleep on his on is the best thing for everyone but sometimes its really hard to do. We are going to my parents this weekend and I hope we can keep on track.


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  1. I read your blog and I feel like I’m reliving when my babies were your age. Jace and Jack are so much alike! Ireland was always the better sleeper the first year, but now the tables have turned and Jace has slept like a champ for months. Ireland is the one we have to battle with some nights now. You are doing the right thing by teaching them now, trust me, it pays off. Its also such a relief for you to have them sleep through the night.

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