Things that make you go hmmm…

May 24, 2010 at 2:22 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

When you have twins you tend to draw a lot of attention when going out in public. It is so strange if I just have one of the kids hardly anyone comments but when you have two EVERYONE feels the need to say something. Sometimes it is fun and the kids like the extra attention but other times I just want to get in and out of somewhere quickly and that is impossible. In the last few weeks we have had some interesting comments so I thought I would post a few of them.

The Things People Say

“Oh how nice a boy and girl are they identical? ”  

“I’ve heard having two is easier.”

“Are they the same.”

“You are busy.”

“Did you know you were having twins.”

“Are they both boys?” (For some reason this is normally asked when Leah is wearing a pink outfit and bow)

“Are they the same age.”

“Which one is happier?”



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  1. To funny! I’ve gotten to point, where at times, I walk and keep my head down so I don’t have eye contact with people just to get the shopping done quicker. It’s so funny to . . . . the same greeter at Wal-Mart asks if they are twins everytime we go, which is at least twice a week. I love the “Are they identical” comments; we get that all the time also.

  2. Leah is not alone! We got “what a pretty little girl!” comments for ages for Edwin–including when he was wearing blue and shirts that said “BOY!” on them. Lots of correcting gender-specific pronouns, too. It seems to have ebbed off some since he’s 16 months–so people should get better about realizing that she’s an adorable little *girl* soon. (I’ve never been sure how people make that mistake, either–plus, Leah looks like you, and Jack looks like Jason, so it seems especially confusing to me how they’d get confused with your little guys!)

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