Great Week

May 27, 2010 at 9:15 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

This week has been a great week. We have had a couple of firsts. We all ate dinner at the table as a family.. and we all went out to dinner together and the kiddos sat in high chairs. Our dinner out went great. We went to Jalapenos for some mexican food. When we got there the hostess looked at the kids and said “they look too little for high chairs where are they going to sit?” Our response … bring on the high chairs. Jack and Leah love being able to sit at the table when we go out. They both are little hams and try as hard as possible to get everyone around them to smile and laugh at them. They weren’t having much luck this particular night because it wasn’t very busy (we ate at 4:30 like old people to avoid chaos) but that didn’t stop them from trying. They leaned out the side of the high chairs and smiled and laughed and threw their toys on the ground and talked to each other until finally some of the waitresses noticed them.

Both kids are also getting extremely close to crawling. Leah is army crawling and Jack rocks back and forth and scoots. We will have mobile kids before we know it… which scares me just a little. I know that I will have less control when that happens. I also think it will make the kids happier. Jack seems frustrated a lot that he can’t get a toy he wants or move somewhere. I think he is really wanting to be more independent. Today we are headed to Deanna Rose Farm with my cousin and our neighbors little guy Miles. It should be fun.


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