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Today has been a crabby day. The babies woke up at 5 and have just been kind of a mess since them. As I type this they are crying in their beds. They really really need a nap but for some reason they are fighting it big time. I’m thinking they are teethig again. It looked like Jack has another one about to come through the gums.

I haven’t been great on updating so I thought I would write a little about what we have been doing and what is going on. I am starting to wean the kids off the bottles. They are down to 2 60z bottles and one 8 oz bottle a day. I am hoping that as we give them less formula Jack will start to eat more. He has been on a major hunger strike. There were a couple of days last week that he only ate watermelon and ritz crackers. Leah is eating again and cannot get enough. I swear she eats three times what Jack eats. She must have the fastest metabolism ever. It looks like Jack is lactose intolerant so he is getting Rice Milk in his cup with meals.  I did not realize that I put dairy of some kind in almost everything I make until I had to leave all dairy out of Jack’s diet.

This weekend Leah started a new game. She makes anything into a phone and holds it up to her ear and jabbers. This morning she used a remote, a toy car that looks like a horse, a plastic giraffe and a shoe. It is soo cute. The best part is when she holds it up and goes “Da da.” Whenever I call Jason at work I always say I’m calling Daddy. She is starting to copy everything. Jack started clapping this weekend. He does it in slow motion and gets the biggest smile on his face every time he does it. He has also started singing with me. I have this song I sing to the kids about rain drops being lemon drops and gum drops and there is a part that you sing “aahh ahh ahhh”…. Jack sings with me every time. It is just so fun seeing the new things they learn every week.

This weekend we went to Lawrence and spent some time with my parents. We also celebrated Jason’s great nephew’s first birthday. (Technically he is my great nephew too..but that makes me sound old). Some how we only have one picture from the party.. and it is of Leah and Uncle Jerome. Hopefully someone one elae got one of all three kiddos


What’s Cooking

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I’ve been in kind of a funk recently. Not just a blogging funk but a funk in general. One good think is that the weather is finally nice again. The kids and I have been spending a ton of time outside and I am getting to walk again which is great.

I decided that I am going to start something new. At least once I week I am going to try to post something that we have made recently for dinner. Jason and I used to love to cook. Before the kids we were always trying out new recipes and cooking big dinners. Needless to say but cooking has decreased somewhat since the kids were born. We eat at home a lot but we are eating differently than we used to. Any recipe that requires more than about 5 steps is probably not on the menu. We have recently started cooking new things again. Last Saturday Jason made me Penne alla Vecchia Bettola, which is basically the fancy way of saying penne with vodka cream sauce. Vodka Cream sauce is one of my favorites and this is a GREAT recipe. We saw the recipe on an episode of the Barefoot Contessa. I have never made anything from the show Barefoot Contessa that hasn’t been amazing.

Here is a picture of our amazing dinner and a couple new pictures of the kids.

11 months

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The kids haven’t been sleeping that well and I’ve been in kind of a blah mood so I just haven’t posted. The babies are 11 months old today. Crazy. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. I have started working on their birthday party. At first we were going to do a big party with family and friends and a theme and all that jazz, but we decided it might be better this year to have a small family only celebration. A small family celebration still includes about 30 people. : ) 

While looking for cute ideas for birthday parties I found this site http://creativepartyplace.com/. These parties are soo cute but it led me to ask one question. How do these people with small children get all of this done? I have no idea how I would do that. I’m hoping to borrow a few ideas from the site. Hopefully the party will turn out cute.

Here are a couple of pictures from a trip to DeAnna Rose.

This and That

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 I worry about things that I never thought I would worry about. The most recent thing I have been worrying about is the kids next car seats. The kids can stay in their infant seats until they are 30 inches and 30 pounds. Last time we measured Jack was 26 inches or something like that but I decided I better start researching this stuff. After reading a ton of reviews, consumer reports and talking to other moms I finally decided I wanted Britax  car seats.

My next task was to find the cheapest Britax car seats possible. I had no idea they run around $300 dollars each. Yikes! Lucky for us Grandma and Grandpa are buying one of the seats for the kids birthday. When I started looking I found out that a new model is coming out soon that will hold kids up to 70 lbs instead of 65 lb and will probably go up in price. The nice sales woman tried to convince me that I would want to wait until the new ones came out so my kids can sit in them longer. I really just wanted to laugh.  Leah weighs about 16 lb now… at this rate she will be in Jr. High before she weighs 70 lbs. Well maybe not Jr. High but pretty close. We purchased the seats sunday and installed one in the car. I have to say they are a major pain in the butt when they are backwards so I think I may put the infant seats back in until they hit a year and I can turn them around.

NICU Reunion

This weekend we went to the NICU reunion and got to see a bunch of the nurses that took care of Jack and Leah while they were at the hospital. I wish I would have taken some pictures but some how I managed to leave it in the car. It was nice to see them and it brought back a ton of memories. When I tell people my kids were in the NICU they often comment that it must have been really hard. It was hard not being able to bring the kids home but at the same time our kids were healthy and only staying because they needed to learn to eat . Being in the NICU gave Jason and I the opportunity to have the nurses help us with the first bath, feeding and first diaper rash. In some ways I can’t imagine brining home a baby after 48 hours. I had tons of questions every day and I know that we were better prepared when we brought the kids home because of the nurses and doctors in the NICU. Looking at Jack and Leah now it is hard to imagine that they were so tiny and so quiet just 11 months ago. : )


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Leah is becoming a very sassy girl. She has definite ideas about what she wants to do and is not afraid to let me know. I would love it if she would wear bows in her hair. I try to put them on her and she takes them off in about two seconds. When we went to have her 9 month pictures taken I couldn’t wait to have her pictures taken in her tutu, but Leah had other ideas. The entire time he was wearing the tutu she screamed. Oh well. We can always try again next time. Leah has started clapping and she shakes her head no. (Not my favorite trick).


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Jack is becoming so independent these days. He is able to pull up on things walk around them and get down all by himself. He has also started this new thing where he makes all sorts of funny faces. He growls and snorts.. it cracks me up. As he and Leah are starting to interact more I am thinking that Leah is going to be the more dominant kid. If Jack really wants something he will take it and crawl away but most of the time he just lets Leah have whatever they are fighting about and finds something new to play with. It is really fun to see their little personalities come out.

Three Babies, Two Moms and Farm

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Friday my friend Libby and I took my two kids and her 6 month old to DeAnna Rose Farmstead. We decided it would be easier to take one car so we loaded all three carseats into my car and both strollers and headed out. For some reason looking at all three kids in the backseat was cracking me up. I also kept thinking.. “what do people with triplets do?” I’m convinced if you have triplets you must not leave your house for the first three years with the exception of doctors appointments. It just seems almost impossible and people with quads… they must be home bound for four or five years.

Anyway… the kids had a great time at the farm. We were there a little over two hours which was more than we both thought the kids would last.  Libby’s daughter Lexi thought the goats were the funniest thing in the whole world. She was screaming and laughing it was too cute. Jack and Leah also liked the goats but were slower to warm up. We tried to feed the baby goats milk bottles but Lexi and Jack both thought they were for them to drink. Gross. We fed ducks, chickens and saw some cows and a mean swan. I had no ideas swans could be so aggressive. I think I may be slighty OCD about germs these days. I was freaked out anytime the kids got licked or touched by one of the animals and used probably twenty wipes trying to keep their hands clean. It was a fun morning the only bad part of the day was that it messed up our nap times so the whole afternoon was a little cranky.. but it was worth it.


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I feel like I have been force feeding kids for months. At first they didn’t like their bottles and I still struggle to get Leah to drink all of her bottles some days. Recently the babies have decided that baby food is bad. I was kind of excited that they were moving on to normal food but it has become a challenge getting them to eat enough. Leah is supposed to be on a higher fat diet and increased calories; however, it is really hard to increase calories when you eat three grains of rice or orzo at a time. Jack has also been going through a spell where he will only eat things that he puts in his mouth (with the exception of yogurt.. he will let me feed him that). I have been trying to come up with new finger food ideas. Here are a few of the things we have tried. Sometimes they eat them sometimes they don’t… it really depends on their mood. If anyone has any more ideas please post them in the comments.

*Yogurt *Avacado*Canned Chicken with mayonnaise*Orzo with Alfredo Sauce*Macaroni and cheese*Mashed Potatoes and Gravy*Refried Beans*Hot Dogs (in really small pieces)*Kraft Singles*Scrambled Eggs*Baked Sweet Potatoe*Cooked Carrott*turkey lunch meat

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