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I feel like I have been force feeding kids for months. At first they didn’t like their bottles and I still struggle to get Leah to drink all of her bottles some days. Recently the babies have decided that baby food is bad. I was kind of excited that they were moving on to normal food but it has become a challenge getting them to eat enough. Leah is supposed to be on a higher fat diet and increased calories; however, it is really hard to increase calories when you eat three grains of rice or orzo at a time. Jack has also been going through a spell where he will only eat things that he puts in his mouth (with the exception of yogurt.. he will let me feed him that). I have been trying to come up with new finger food ideas. Here are a few of the things we have tried. Sometimes they eat them sometimes they don’t… it really depends on their mood. If anyone has any more ideas please post them in the comments.

*Yogurt *Avacado*Canned Chicken with mayonnaise*Orzo with Alfredo Sauce*Macaroni and cheese*Mashed Potatoes and Gravy*Refried Beans*Hot Dogs (in really small pieces)*Kraft Singles*Scrambled Eggs*Baked Sweet Potatoe*Cooked Carrott*turkey lunch meat



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  1. Have you tried putting toys on their tray while your feeding them? I have those Fridge Farm magnets or measuring cups that I put on their tray when I have to feed them things and they forget they are eating and go to town on their food when they have something to occupy them.

    Try Spaghetti o’s, mini ritz bits with cheese(they are loaded with calories and they just disolve in their mouth), pudding, and pancakes (kids love pancakes). I also put butter and brown sugar on our sweet potatoes. It tastes like dessert, not like veggies:) My kids love alfredo sauce also. They would rather eat that than the yellow cheese.

  2. Mom got me a cookbook when Eddie started the “baby food is for babies. I am not a baby” phase last October; I thought she was nuts at first, but it’s turned out to be a really great book. It’s _Top 100 Finger Foods_ by Annabel Karmel. I swap out some of the more expensive ingredients (a shallot is really just an expensive onion) and make what I can bulk so I can freeze it for later. Eddie likes the mini-muffins a lot; the chicken nuggets are to die for.

    As far as the drinking goes–have you tried switching them to sippy cups? I know they’re kind of young for that, but maybe Leah will drink from a sippy when she’s refusing the bottle. It might be that “I’m not a baby” thing like we’ve been dealing with with Eddie.

    Good luck!!

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