Three Babies, Two Moms and Farm

August 8, 2010 at 6:22 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Friday my friend Libby and I took my two kids and her 6 month old to DeAnna Rose Farmstead. We decided it would be easier to take one car so we loaded all three carseats into my car and both strollers and headed out. For some reason looking at all three kids in the backseat was cracking me up. I also kept thinking.. “what do people with triplets do?” I’m convinced if you have triplets you must not leave your house for the first three years with the exception of doctors appointments. It just seems almost impossible and people with quads… they must be home bound for four or five years.

Anyway… the kids had a great time at the farm. We were there a little over two hours which was more than we both thought the kids would last.  Libby’s daughter Lexi thought the goats were the funniest thing in the whole world. She was screaming and laughing it was too cute. Jack and Leah also liked the goats but were slower to warm up. We tried to feed the baby goats milk bottles but Lexi and Jack both thought they were for them to drink. Gross. We fed ducks, chickens and saw some cows and a mean swan. I had no ideas swans could be so aggressive. I think I may be slighty OCD about germs these days. I was freaked out anytime the kids got licked or touched by one of the animals and used probably twenty wipes trying to keep their hands clean. It was a fun morning the only bad part of the day was that it messed up our nap times so the whole afternoon was a little cranky.. but it was worth it.


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