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 I worry about things that I never thought I would worry about. The most recent thing I have been worrying about is the kids next car seats. The kids can stay in their infant seats until they are 30 inches and 30 pounds. Last time we measured Jack was 26 inches or something like that but I decided I better start researching this stuff. After reading a ton of reviews, consumer reports and talking to other moms I finally decided I wanted Britax  car seats.

My next task was to find the cheapest Britax car seats possible. I had no idea they run around $300 dollars each. Yikes! Lucky for us Grandma and Grandpa are buying one of the seats for the kids birthday. When I started looking I found out that a new model is coming out soon that will hold kids up to 70 lbs instead of 65 lb and will probably go up in price. The nice sales woman tried to convince me that I would want to wait until the new ones came out so my kids can sit in them longer. I really just wanted to laugh.  Leah weighs about 16 lb now… at this rate she will be in Jr. High before she weighs 70 lbs. Well maybe not Jr. High but pretty close. We purchased the seats sunday and installed one in the car. I have to say they are a major pain in the butt when they are backwards so I think I may put the infant seats back in until they hit a year and I can turn them around.

NICU Reunion

This weekend we went to the NICU reunion and got to see a bunch of the nurses that took care of Jack and Leah while they were at the hospital. I wish I would have taken some pictures but some how I managed to leave it in the car. It was nice to see them and it brought back a ton of memories. When I tell people my kids were in the NICU they often comment that it must have been really hard. It was hard not being able to bring the kids home but at the same time our kids were healthy and only staying because they needed to learn to eat . Being in the NICU gave Jason and I the opportunity to have the nurses help us with the first bath, feeding and first diaper rash. In some ways I can’t imagine brining home a baby after 48 hours. I had tons of questions every day and I know that we were better prepared when we brought the kids home because of the nurses and doctors in the NICU. Looking at Jack and Leah now it is hard to imagine that they were so tiny and so quiet just 11 months ago. : )


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