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August 30, 2010 at 2:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Today has been a crabby day. The babies woke up at 5 and have just been kind of a mess since them. As I type this they are crying in their beds. They really really need a nap but for some reason they are fighting it big time. I’m thinking they are teethig again. It looked like Jack has another one about to come through the gums.

I haven’t been great on updating so I thought I would write a little about what we have been doing and what is going on. I am starting to wean the kids off the bottles. They are down to 2 60z bottles and one 8 oz bottle a day. I am hoping that as we give them less formula Jack will start to eat more. He has been on a major hunger strike. There were a couple of days last week that he only ate watermelon and ritz crackers. Leah is eating again and cannot get enough. I swear she eats three times what Jack eats. She must have the fastest metabolism ever. It looks like Jack is lactose intolerant so he is getting Rice Milk in his cup with meals.  I did not realize that I put dairy of some kind in almost everything I make until I had to leave all dairy out of Jack’s diet.

This weekend Leah started a new game. She makes anything into a phone and holds it up to her ear and jabbers. This morning she used a remote, a toy car that looks like a horse, a plastic giraffe and a shoe. It is soo cute. The best part is when she holds it up and goes “Da da.” Whenever I call Jason at work I always say I’m calling Daddy. She is starting to copy everything. Jack started clapping this weekend. He does it in slow motion and gets the biggest smile on his face every time he does it. He has also started singing with me. I have this song I sing to the kids about rain drops being lemon drops and gum drops and there is a part that you sing “aahh ahh ahhh”…. Jack sings with me every time. It is just so fun seeing the new things they learn every week.

This weekend we went to Lawrence and spent some time with my parents. We also celebrated Jason’s great nephew’s first birthday. (Technically he is my great nephew too..but that makes me sound old). Some how we only have one picture from the party.. and it is of Leah and Uncle Jerome. Hopefully someone one elae got one of all three kiddos


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