Labor Day

September 6, 2010 at 4:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I thought we were going to have a laid back three-day weekend; however, it turned in to a pretty busy weekend. Friday night Jason and I took the kids out for some Chinese food, went by Whole Foods ( I love that place… too bad it is so expensive) and then went on a long walk before putting the kids to bed.

Saturday we went to the zoo in the morning and Grandma Rosemary came along with us. It was such a nice day we just had to be outside. Apparently everyone else thought the same thing. The zoo was crazy. We didn’t even get to see the new polar bear because there was a huge line to be able to see him. That Nikkita is one popular dude. After the zoo we hung out at Jason’s parents house and then had dinner with them.

Sunday we woke up early thanks to Jack and Leah and went to get a doughnut and to the grocery store. Leah loved her bites of doughnut. As usual Jack refused to try it. We played around the house and went to Taco Via for lunch. Taco Via is okay but not my favorite dinning establishment. Jack thought it was awesome. He ate the meat out of a hard shell taco and ate more than he has in weeks. He was even getting mad that we weren’t feeding him fast enough. Normally that is only something Leah does. It shocked me. After lunch my aunt and cousin came over to visit and then a friend from highschool and her husband came for dinner. My friend is pregnant with identical twin boys. I was worried the kids would be naughty and scare them but they were really good.

Today it has been a slower day which was nice. We hung out at home this morning and then Jack and Leah and I went to lunch with Aunt Bailey and my mom and did a little shopping. Jason is trying something new for dinner (Beef Shortribs) and it smells soo good. I cannot wait to taste it.



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  1. This is going to sound terrible, but sometimes, when Eddie refuses to eat/gets too mad to eat/or refuses to try something, we tear off a teeny piece of whatever it is and just shove it in his little mouth. 9 times out of 10, he figures out he likes it (or that he was hungry), and mows down on the rest of it. I don’t know if it will get Jack off of the oyster crackers, but it might be worth a shot.

  2. Jace is very similar to Jack and is a very picky eater, although he is getting much better lately. What usually works for him is watching me eat it. If I take a bite, sometimes he will want a bite also. I just figured out he hates to be confined in his high chair, and that’s one reason he won’t eat. I got rid of the high chairs and pulled out the little tikes picnic table, and he eats much better now. I know your twins are to little for that, but do they like to sit in their walkers? I used to feed the twins in those quite a bit when they were your kids age.

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