Eating Out… Shopping and New clothes

September 8, 2010 at 8:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Tuesday the babies and I headed to Lawrence to get my haircut and spent the night at my parents. My mom and I took Jack and Leah to McDonald’s and actually gave them McDonald’s food for the first time. Not so healthy I know.. but they are supposed to be on a high fat diet. Leah loved it. She ate a bunch of a plan hamburger patty and some pieces of the inside of a chicken nugget. Jack ate some of the chicken nugget pieces and then decided to grab the whole chicken nugget out of Grandma’s hand and shove it in his mouth as fast as he could. Of course we had to take the nugget out and Jack went crazy.. he went in to the ugly cry and I’m pretty sure everyone in the store was looking at us. Then he started drinking Grandma’s diet coke. I’m not sure caffeine is something Jack will ever need. He is become a crazy, squirmy little guy. Tuesday night we had pizza and watched the Killers.. it was cute but a little cheesy. It was nice to have a nice quiet evening with my mom and sister. It will be so much fun when Leah is a little bigger and can join us on our girls nights.

Today we went shopping with Grandma at Legends. It was such a nice day we wanted to do something outside. We attempted to have a nice lunch at Panera but it didn’t go quite as planned. The kids were happy but very busy. They were grabbing our food, our silverware, drinks anything they could touch and they were trying to stand up in the high chairs. I think the other moms there were looking at me and thinking, I’m glad I’m not her today. The kids got a ton of fall clothes. They are going to be the best dressed kids. As soon as we got home I tried a couple of the outfits on Leah. Jack did not want to participate.


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