The Grocery Store trip from…..

September 13, 2010 at 3:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

On Mondays Jack and Leah and I always go to the grocery store and do our shopping for the week. The kids normally like going. I put them both in the front of the cart together and they wave and smile at people and check out everything going on. This was not what happened today.

 The trip started off like normal I put them both in the cart and started my shopping. They waved at the ladies at the Deli counter and were smiling at all of the older people. Then once we got a couple of aisles in Leah just started screaming. She didn’t appear to have any reason to be screaming so I just ignored it and went on with my shopping. After two aisles of screaming and lots of people looking at me like I was a terrible mother for ignoring her I finally gave in and picked her up and carried her. Jack saw this as a moment of weakness for mommy. I was holding Leah with one hand and pushing the cart with the other hand, which left no hands available for him. So what did Jack do? He turned around in the cart and tried to stand up (while buckled into the cart). Clearly this wasn’t working so I put Leah in the back and held Jack in a sitting position in the front. I was almost done with my shopping so I figured I could make this work. As soon as we got in the frozen food aisle Jack had enough and started screaming, so I took him out and carried him. Leah now saw my moment of weakness and started throwing everything out of the cart. I probably should have picked them both up and walked out of the store but I really didn’t want to have to come back and do this all again. I put them both in the cart and headed up to the checkout stand giving Leah my keys to keep her quiet. While checking out she starts gagging herself with the keys. Jack knocks a gum display off the magazine stand and all I can think is please please ring up these groceries quickly.  Normally there wouldn’t be many people at the grocery store on a monday morning to witness our lovely display but lucky for us there is a Royals game today so there were lots of tailgaters loading up on supplies. I’m pretty sure the group of four college age boys checking out the right of us won’t have children until they are 40 now. We finally got out of the store and both kids screamed the whole time I loaded the car. I’m not sure I’m going to attempt that again for a while. YIKES.

The fun and interesting things didn’t stop there. We got home and Leah climbed on top of the dishwasher door and I somehow managed to get the bathroom door on the downstairs bathroom stuck closed. I’m counting down the minutes until Jason gets home.



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  1. To funny! This is the main reason I got a new stroller with a snack tray. For me, it has solved all these problems. I just throw some cereal in there and they are happy for a good 10 minutes until I need to fill it again. I had the same sort of incident at Hy-Vee about a month ago. Ireland screamed, and I mean screamed, the entire time. I ignored her, got what I needed, and left. The checkout lady asked me what was wrong with her and proceeded to give me all kinds of reasons whey she was screaming. I just ignored both of them and was never so happy to get out of there.

  2. Does your grocery store have those special carts where the kiddos can face front (i.e. the way you’re going) rather than towards you like in a regular cart? Ours have some that are shaped like race cars (Eddie loves the steering wheel), and some with just sideways-pointed seats in front of a regular basket. For some reason, Eddie does so much better when he can see where we’re going than he does when he’s facing me. I’m not sure if it will work for your dynamic duo, but it might be worth a shot.

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