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I’m not sure what happened to blogging last week. I am a little behind on everything… cleaning, laundry, organizing. I’m not sure how people do it all. My house isn’t even very big so it shouldn’t be that hard to keep clean but I can’t seem to keep up with it.

We had a fun weekend. I forgot my camera so I need to get some pictures from my mom. Friday we hung out at my parents house and Jason snuck away to a cigar lounge with my dad. Saturday my mom and sister and I went shopping and to lunch and my dad and Jason watched the kids. While we were out shopping we saw Jason, my dad and the kids at a stop light. They actually ventured out on their own with both kids and took them to home depot. I was shocked..I’m not sure Jason has ever taken them out together without me before. The best part was when we got home they only had pajama shirts on..which meant that is what they wore to home depot. According to Jason diapers are pants if you are a baby. : )

Sunday we went to church, the pumpkin patch and a birthday party for our niece Brittany. It was a fun and busy day. I think we might have worn the kids out. They were a mess yesterday, crying whining and generally in bad mood. Jason actually came home for lunch it was so bad. They seem better today so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they were just tired and aren’t getting sick.  

The kids are still loving all of their birthday toys. I’m shocked how well they play with the toys. If you are looking for a present for a one year old a couple of the kids favorites were the count and learn cookie jar which is made by Learning Journey, Fisher Price tool bench and the Fisher Price Little People Barn.


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