13 Months

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Yesterday my babies were offically 13 months old. I cannot believe it. Some one asked me how old they were yesterday and I said they just turned a year old and then I realized that it has already been a month. I decided for the second year I was going to try and do a little update each month. Hopefully this will help me remember things as they get bigger.

13 Months Jack

Clothing size: 6-12

Diaper Size: 3 during the day and 4 at night

Likes: Gold fish crackers, osyter crackers, Graham crackers, vienna sausages, chicken nuggets, watermelon, taco johns tacos.

Dislikes: Veggies

Favorite toys and activities: Little People Barn, pushing around anything, balls, little tykes slide (he likes climbing up the slide), Loves books (favorites are Peek a Who, Baby animals and Spot loves his Daddy), watching bob the builder and seasame street (ernie is his favorite). Loves having his teeth brushed, he laughs every time. He loves putting small things in containers (shape sorters etc.)

New Skills: claps to patty cake, Jack will show you where your nose is, does the sign language signs for milk, all done, more and eat. He is starting to stand on his own…but doesn’t realize that he is doing it. Bites Leah when he gets mad and pushes.

13 Months Leah

Clothing Size: Mostly 6-12 some 3-6 skirts

Diaper Size: 3 during the day, 4 at night

Likes: hot dogs, lunch meat, ice cream, chicken nuggets.

Dislikes: Fruit and vegetables : (

Favorite toys and activities: A plastic soup can (she takes it everywhere we go), little tykes slide (Leah also enjoys climbing up the slide), play food, baby doll, stuffed animal monkey. Will hug stuffed animals or her baby when you tell her to give the baby love. Leah likes to give kisses and watch bob the builder.

New Skills: Leah knows where her ear, hair, toes and belly are and will point to them. She can show other people where their noses are but doesn’t know where hers is. Claps to patty cake, does the sign language signs for more, eat, all done and milk. Leah has stood on her own a couple of times but she squats as soon as she realizes she is doing it. Pushes her brother when she gets mad.



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