What or Who is that Smell.

October 25, 2010 at 10:51 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

There is a little game we play at our house that I like to call who or what is that smell. With two one year olds and a dog I am always trying to track down something gross smelling. The culprits can be (but are not limited to) Jack, Leah, the dog, the trash, and the diaper pail.

Yesterday Jack and Leah and I went to visit my cousin in Emporia for her sororities chili feed. We had a good time and I had dropped my aunt off and was headed by my good friend Lindsey’s house to say hi when I heard coughing, then choking followed by silence. This is never good. Choking followed by crying is fine but quiet in the car is terrible.  So, I pulled over in front of someones drive way flew out of the car and ran around to the back. When I opened the door the smell hit me. Leah had puked all over everywhere. I had about three wipes left but they were in the trunk and I didn’t have a towel or anything like that. I grabbed a clean diaper out of the bag wiped off her face, shoved the diaper in the door of the car and headed to Lindsey’s for back up.

Once we got to Lindsey’s and I got Leah all cleaned up she seemed fine so we decided to stay and play. I figured she probably just ate too much. Then it happened again… which meant it was time to leave.  I took a clorox wipe and tried to wipe off anything we had touched…just in case it was a real sickness and was headed out the door when my little game started…what’s that smell. I secretly hoped it was Lindsey’s son Aiden because we were on our way out..but it wasn’t it was Jack. I went to change him and realized I had used my last diaper as puke clean up. Lindsey gave me a new diaper I changed Jack, grabbed Jack Leah and the diaper and headed home. I meant to throw the diaper in Lindsey’s garage trash. About five minutes into my drive home I realized that the daiper had ended up in car and I realized that Leah’s car seat was going to need some major scrubbing. My car smelled so bad I had to roll all the windows down to avoid getting sick myself.

We finally got home and got everyone and everything cleaned up. Leah got a bath…we did a load of laundry, took the car seats apart and washed the covers and got everything out of the car.  After dinner I started to play the game again…whats that smell. I checked both kids and they were clean. I checked the trash everything I could think of and decided it had to be the dog farting or something. I lit a candle and used my trusty fabreeze but I kept smelling it. I just couldn’t find it. Then after the kids went to bed I remembered something.. I needed more wipes in the diaper bag. That made me remember my puke clean up and I realized that the “clean” diaper on the dinning room table was actually filled with puke. Gross..disgusting… nasty.

What did I learn from this little incident. I learned that the car seat covers do come all the way off and can be washed in the machine. I learned I should alwasy have paper towels or an extra container of wipes in my car and I learned that Leah should not eat beans from Chili. I think I may have to make a small hazard waste clean up kit for my car this afternoon.. to avoid future incidents.


I actually created a hazardous waste kit for my car this afternoon. It includes sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizer, a couple of old towels, diapers, wipes, an extra outfit for each kid, some zip lock bags, paper towels and a couple of grocery bags. I had been meaning to do this for a while now and just never got around to it. To any new moms I highly recommend it. Your kids will inevitably have a diaper blow out or puke when you accidentally left some supplies at home.



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  1. At least you can laugh about it now. At the time, I’m sure there was no laughing involved. Sounds like a crazy afternoon.

  2. This is sooo funny!!! I can’t believe I was lucky enough to miss it all. Love Ya!!!

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