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I have been a bit of a slacker recently. Not in life just where the blog is concerned. I have been using my time during the kids naps to do other things. I have also been reading a lot of other blogs. Blogs about cooking, decorating, crafting and sewing. Sometimes I wish I was a bit more artistic. I am always reading these blogs where people take a 99 cent picture frame or box or something and turn it into this amazingly cute thing. In my experience when I spray paint something that was 99 cents it generally just looks like a great big mess. Here are a few of the blogs I have been reading recently.

After reading some of these I got inspired and decided that I needed a project yesterday. I hung some pictures in our mud room/office that I have been meaning to hang for a while. A simple project like hanging pictures can take forever with the kids. Leah decided to have a melt down while I was in the middle of the project and stood at the baby gate crying. She is becoming a very dramatic little girl some times. As soon as I picked her up she was laughing. Here are my before and after shots.

There isn’t a lot of new things going on with the kids. They aren’t walking yet..they took a few steps last week but haven’t at all this week. We started our gymboree class last week. They LOVED it. Jack was all over the place. He was not even a little shy. We go again this morning. I’m excited to see how they react today now that it isn’t new. They have been getting up really early this week. 4 am monday, 6 am Tuesday, 5 am Wednesday. This is making me one tired mommy. Jason and I leave friday for Vegas to celebrate his birthday and his brother and sister in-laws 5 year anniversary.  Hopefully we won’t be too tired to party it up. : ) My to do list today includes laundry and cleaning so my house isn’t a total mess when my mom comes to watch the kids.


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  1. Natalie! I am blog obsessed too and always feel the need for a project after looking at them. I love the Pioneer Woman and thanks for the other ones too! Did you see those coffee filter projects on the jones design? That may be my next ‘crafty project’! Want to join me?! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

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