My Christmas Present

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Recently the kids have seemed so grown up to me. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Jack is walking and that they are both trying to talk more and more.  I look at them and did they get so big?

The past couple of weeks we have been working on transitioning to one nap a day. When I try to get the kids to take two naps a day normally one of them ends up talking/crying for most of one of the naps. The transition is not going smoothly but I have faith that we will get there eventually.

 Jack has been sleeping about an hour in his bed and then he wakes up and will go back to sleep in my arms. On three or four occasions I have gotten to hold him sleeping for about an hour. This has been the best Christmas present ever to me. Holding my sweet sweet baby boy and watching him sleep. For one hour I get to do nothing but just focus on loving my little guy. Tuesday was one of these days. It was cold and rainy out and as I sat on the couch in my warm comfy house holding Jack I couldn’t help but think about how lucky I am. I have two beautiful healthy children, a great husband who I love soo much and I get to be a stay at home mom.  I know that I really need to cherish this time because before I know it he will be too big to hold while he sleeps.



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I am going to attempt to write about our Christmas; however, Miss Leah has choosen not to nap today and is helping mommy so I may not get very far. Jack and Leah had a wonderful second christmas. The day before Christmas Eve we got all dressed up and went to visit Daddy at work. We were supposed to have lunch with some good friends but the stomach flu made a stop at their house so we ended up going to lunch just the four of us. We had a great time. It was very festive and I think it might have to be a new tradition. The babies were very well behaved and really enjoyed being out and about. They were wearing matching outfits so they were getting lots of comments and looks, which they liked as well.

Christmas Eve we went to celebrate with Jason’s family. I was worried the kids would be overwhelmed with all the chaos, but they loved it. While everyone was opening presents they were sitting in the middle of the floor doing summersaults, throwing paper and just laughing out loud. There was a moment when I was sitting there in the midddle of the chaos watching them and thinking…think is what it is all about. This is so wonderful. There is something about watching you kids have a good time that is just soo great!

Christmas Day we celebrated with my parents. Santa brought the babies a kitchen….they loved it!! The kids played all day and we just hung out. It was soo relaxing. I didn’t even end up getting out of my pajamas. Here are a few pictures of the big events.

15 Months

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The babies were 15 months a few days ago. This is so hard to believe. Here is a little about each of them at 15 months.


Jack is walking. He gets a little better every day. I know that he will soon be running and this scares mommy a little bit. Jack is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes he has hit a growth spurt and I am finding many of his clothes suddenly getting too little. Jack is eating like a teenage boy. This little guy can never get enough. He eats at least five times a day and begs from anyone that has food. Some of his favorite foods are pears, chicken nuggets, milk, and cookies. He is starting to say more words… he can now say, cookie, cracker, out, up-oh, baby, grandma (well he has a word for grandma), mommy, daddy, dog,  and hi. Jack will roar if daddy roars at him. His favorite toys right now are cars and books. He loves the How do Dinosaurs say good night book and gets soo excited when you get it out. Jack is not sleeping well and tends to get up in the middle of the night and cry until some one comes and cuddles him for a little bit. Hopefully this is just a phase.


Leah is still not walking but will take a couple of steps if brother is getting attention for walking. Leah has also hit a growth spurt and is eating a ton right now. She loves, hamburger, pears, grilled cheese and cookies. She is wearing mostly 12-18 month clothing. Leah says hi, pop (grandpa), uh-oh, mama, dada, dog and baby. She loves to throw things and then say uh-oh. Leah also loves to climb. She loves shoes and will bring me her shoes to put on if I don’t do it right away. Leah will blow kisses and wave. She has been shy recently with new people and will close her eyes when she doesn’t want to talk to someone. Leah loves to give kisses and everytime mommy says lets go night night she starts kissing everyone. Her favorite toys are the little people house and farm.

Chocolate Mousse for 25….

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What does your kitchen look like when you make chocolate mousse for 25 people while taking care of twin 15 month olds? Well I will show you. The kids were playing so nice this morning I decided I should go ahead and get my cooking done for Christmas Eve. At one point I peaked in the family room and Leah was hugging Jack… does it get any cuter than that.

Our life has been a little like this kitchen looks. Crazy, busy and a bit messy but fun. My sister came and stayed with us for a few days. It was so nice to have the extra help. I got some cleaning done, we went to crown center and some friends watched the babies one night so Bailey and Jason and I could go to dinner. Before Jack and Leah were here Bailey would come stay with us for a weekend every year before christmas. We would watch movies, eat pizza and play games friday night. We would go christmas shopping saturday and then go to a nice dinner on Saturday night. After dinner we always went to the candy barrel to pick out candy.It is strange to think that Bailey was only 12 when we started that.  Things have changed a little bit but we are trying to keep a few of the traditions alive.

Santa Claus

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Today Santa visited Aunt Melanie’s work and she invited us to come. We had a great time. I think the kids favorite part was crawling around the empty spaces and looking out the windows. The apple juice and cookies weren’t bad either. 

If I was going to guess who would cry on Santa’s lap I would have said Leah, but Jack was the one who ended up crying. Leah wasn’t exactly smiling but she wasn’t crying. Santa ended up signing to her and I think that kept her from crying. It was soo nice to be able to visit Santa without huge lines or tons of other kids. Visiting Santa at Aunt Melanie’s work is going to be a new tradition. Here are some of the pics from the day. Leah is wearing the dress that Aunt Bailey wore her first Christmas in these pictures. It was pretty big on Aunt Bailey when she wore it but it fits Leah perfect.

A Few of Our Favorite Things…..

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I have several friends that are pregnant right now and a couple of them have asked me what my favorite baby items are. Here are five of our favorite things and five of our favorite books. If you aren’t pregnant these are great ideas for baby shower gifts.

Favorite Things

 Totally Toddler- Someone gave me a bottle of this at one of our baby showers and I have been using it since the kids were little. It will get almost any stain a baby can make out of clothes or bedding. Last Sunday Leah fell and bit her lip and got blood all over a white shirt. She then had spaghetti while wearing the same shirt. I rinsed it out thinking it was probably just trash but this stuff got it all out. It also works on poo stains..which can be really hard to get out.

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder– This is basically a mesh bag that you can put fruits or vegetables in so your kids can chew on them and you don’t have to worry about them choking. I gave the kids lots of fruit or frozen fruit juice cubes when they were little in these. Now that we are teething I put ice cubes in the them. I also really like the munchkin feeding spoons they were deeper than most of the other ones and made it easier to feed the kids.

Playtex The First Sipster Training Cups– I have bought a lot of sippy cups looking for the best one and these are my favorite. The kids can easily hold on to them, they don’t leak and you can easily screw the lids on. The other cups we use are playtex insulated cups with straws.

Triple Paste Diaper Cream– Jack once had a diaper rash so bad that his poor little bottom was bleeding. We went to the doctor and I expected to get a prescription cream but this is what they told us to use. It is a little pricy but works better than anything else I have tried.

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Sooth & Glow Sea Horse- Jack and Leah sleep with these every night. We even have a set at Grandmas house. I know lots of people like the sleep sheeps but these are a lot cheaper and work just as well. Now that they are bigger the kids will turn them on if they wake up in the middle of the night.

Favorite Books

I enjoy reading and want to pass this on to Jack and Leah. We spend a lot of time reading and they both seem to love it . I am always looking for great kids books. Here are five of our favorites.

Hello Twins by Charolotte Voake

Time for Bed by Mem Fox

Peek a Who by Nina Laden

Llama Llama Mad at Mama by Anna Dewdney

How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? by Jane Yolen

5 Years Ago Today

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Five years ago today was my very last first date. Little did I know that the cute boy who took me for drinks would end up being my wonderful husband. It’s hard to believe that it has already been five years… time goes by fast when you are having fun. I love you Jason.

The kids have been totally crazy today. They are in to absolutely everything and have been climbing like monkeys. I haven’t been able to sit down all day. Jack figured out how to get past our blockade for the stairs. They knocked over my lamp and took the nativity off the sofa table. Jack kept climbing on his music table so I took the legs off, then he moved on to the kitchen chairs. I think someone must have slipped them some sugar or something. Jack is also getting much better at walking. I predict he will be running by christmas. Which means momma will also be running all day long. : )


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We had a great weekend. I am feeling so much better than I did last week. I talked to a bunch of my friends and realized that I am not the only one that feels overwelmed by being a mom. Jason and  I are looking in to a couple of ways that I could possibly have a break once a week.

This weekend Jack and Leah spent the night with my parents Friday night and Jason and I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants with a group of friends. We had an amazing dinner and really enjoyed having some time without the kids. Saturday morning we got up and went out to breakfast and then rand some errands and did work around the house. It is so much easier to get stuff done while the kids are gone. Saturday night my parents brought the kids home and Jason’s parents came over so we could all have dinner together. Jason made Chicken Saltimbocca it was really good. I think he is becoming a much better cook than I am. I made some chocolate mousse for dinner.  I think that has to be my favorite dessert in the whole world. Who doesn’t love cream and dark chocolate?

Sunday it was cold.. I mean really cold and kind of yucky so we decided to just stay at home all day. We made pancakes for breakfast and played with the kids and Jason got a bunch of little jobs done around the house. It was a really nice and relaxing day. It is really cold again today and I think the babies and I are going to stay in again. I hate getting them all bundled up and in car seats if I don’t have to.

In other big news Jack is basically walking. Yesterday he started walking between things. He walked all the way across the kitchen at one point. I tried to get some video of him but every time I got the camera out he wouldn’t do it. Leah is getting jealous of all the attention her brother is getting.. I’m sure she will start trying soon.

Christmas Traditions

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I have spent a lot of time the past few weeks thinking about Christmas traditions. I’ve been thinking about what traditions I grew up with that I want my kids to experience, what traditions we will continue from Jason’s childhood and what new traditions we will start. I have read about and thought about so many ideas. It would be great to do them all but also almost impossible.

One tradition we started last year that I know we will continue is Christmas pajamas. Growing up my siblings and I always got to open one present on Christmas Eve. It was always pajamas. When we were younger they were usually matching. Now that we are older the pajamas don’t normally match but we still get them. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

Here is a pic of last years jammies.

We also used to get a Christmas book every Christmas Eve. We would sit and read it before we went to bed. I think we are going to do the Christmas book tradition slightly differently. On 320 Sycamore I read about another families tradition of counting down to Christmas with books. Jack and Leah are too little this year but I am going to start this tradition next year. I think we might start with 10 days because I don’t have enough books for more than that. I did start our christmas book collection this year. My sister and I went to half price book store and stocked up on a few Christmas Favorites including The Polar Express. The book I specifically picked out this year is called Bear Stays Up.

I would also like to start some kind of Advent calendar next year but haven’t excited exactly how I want to do that. I want to do something that is fun and can help our family remember what christmas is about.  Growing up we had years where my family would have advent dinners on sunday and light the advent candle. We would sometimes get a small present during dinner. Some years we baked a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas eve.. I think that was something my sister wanted to do when she was little. There are so many fun ideas.

If anyone has any really great ideas for advent please share them… or any other fun Christmas traditions.

What’s for Dinner

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I was going to post recipes once a week of stuff we were having for dinner..its been awhile but here is a quick and easy recipe for baked Salmon that we like to make at our house. The kids haven’t tried Salmon yet but I’m thinking next time I will let them have a taste. I normally make this with roasted potatoes and asparagus. I just cut up the potatoes into bite sized pieces and sprinkle olive oil and salt and pepper on them and cook them on a cookie sheet for the same time as the fish. The Aspagus I leave whole, sprinkle olive oil and salt and pepper on it and put it in for about 15 minutes.

Baked Salmon


  • 4 (5 ounces each) salmon fillets
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil plus 2 tablespoons
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 3 tomatoes, chopped, or 1 (14-ounce) can chopped tomatoes, drained
  • 2 chopped shallots
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.Sprinkle salmon with 2 teaspoons olive oil, salt, and pepper. Stir the tomatoes, shallots, 2 tablespoons of oil, lemon juice, oregano, thyme, salt and pepper in a medium bowl to blend.Place a salmon fillett, oiled side down, atop a sheet of foil. Wrap the ends of the foil to form a spiral shape. Spoon the tomato mixture over the salmon. Fold the sides of the foil over the fish and tomato mixture, covering completely; seal the packets closed. Place the foil packet on a heavy large baking sheet. Repeat until all of the salmon have been individually wrapped in foil and placed on the baking sheet. Bake until the salmon is just cooked through, about 25 minutes. Using a large metal spatula, transfer the foil packets to plates and serve. 
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