Thanksgiving, a Christmas Tree in Jail and Other Crazy Things

December 2, 2010 at 11:16 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I am finally finding a minute to catch up on posting. The past week or so has been pretty crazy. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went to Jason’s brother’s house during the day. There were 22 people there and we had a great meal that included fried turkey, roasted turkey and ham. The kids were a little shy, I think because there were so many people and they stayed pretty close to Jason and I. Everyone had a good time. Thanksgiving night we went to my parents and spent the night so we would have a chance to see all of the realitives in from out of town. There were 20 people at there house.  It was a pretty crazy couple of days but very fun.

We finally came home on Sunday and spent some time decorating our christmas tree and watched Cars with the kids. We ended up having to put our Christmas tree in “jail” so the kids would leave it alone. The tree jail isn’t working out so well because the kids have figured out how to push the gate so they can touch ornaments and lights.Now our tree only has decorations on the top half. The tree is pretty sad looking this year but I guess that is what happens with one year old twins around. Leah has also decided it is fun to throw toys in the jail. I was taking them out at first but that got old fast so now I am just letting them collect in there until she goes to bed.

Monday I headed back to Lawrence for a couple days. Jason has meetings at work all this week and was going to be home late so I decided it might be nice to have some help in the evenings. The kids have been CRAZY this week so I was glad I was there. They have been climbing on everything, getting in to things they have never even noticed before and generally doing anything I don’t want them to do. I’m not sure what has gotten in to them. Tuesday I was trying to get them ready to go to lunch and Leah decided to spit on her dress until her whole top half was wet, then she took off her shoes and socks and was taking her coat off as fast as I could put it on. While I got Leah cleaned up Jack climed in the magazine bucket and knocked all the stuff off the sofa table…saying “Uh oh” everytime something dropped. Like I said crazy kids. On a positive note Jack has started sleeping a little later this week. He has waited until at least 5 to wake up. This makes me really happy. Four in the morning is just too early to get up.

In other random news Leah has her first molar… also Jack has started taking more steps on his own. Walking could be just around the corner.

Tonight we are babysitting my good friend Libby’s little girl Lexi. It should be a fun evenig. I’ll take some pictures to post tomorrow of our evening with three kiddos.


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  1. I love the picture of the tree in jail–I think we might have to do that at our house. Let’s get the kids together soon to play!

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