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I am going to attempt to write about our Christmas; however, Miss Leah has choosen not to nap today and is helping mommy so I may not get very far. Jack and Leah had a wonderful second christmas. The day before Christmas Eve we got all dressed up and went to visit Daddy at work. We were supposed to have lunch with some good friends but the stomach flu made a stop at their house so we ended up going to lunch just the four of us. We had a great time. It was very festive and I think it might have to be a new tradition. The babies were very well behaved and really enjoyed being out and about. They were wearing matching outfits so they were getting lots of comments and looks, which they liked as well.

Christmas Eve we went to celebrate with Jason’s family. I was worried the kids would be overwhelmed with all the chaos, but they loved it. While everyone was opening presents they were sitting in the middle of the floor doing summersaults, throwing paper and just laughing out loud. There was a moment when I was sitting there in the midddle of the chaos watching them and thinking…think is what it is all about. This is so wonderful. There is something about watching you kids have a good time that is just soo great!

Christmas Day we celebrated with my parents. Santa brought the babies a kitchen….they loved it!! The kids played all day and we just hung out. It was soo relaxing. I didn’t even end up getting out of my pajamas. Here are a few pictures of the big events.


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