16 Months

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Jack and Leah turned 16 months old last week. It is safe to say that they are no longer babies anymore and have moved in to the toddler stage. I promise to post some new pictures soon.


Weight: 21 lbs

Clothing Size 12-18 Months

Favorite Foods: Bannanas, Corn, Pears, Chicken Nuggets, hot dogs, cookies, apple juice, eggs

Jack is starting to talk more and more. He doesn’t say as many things as Leah but he is much easier to understand. Jack says, mama, daddy, ummmma (grandma), cookie, cracker, baby, door, Leah, nigh nigh (good night) shhh (shoes) and tries to say lots of other things. Jack knows that ducks say quack. Jack has moved from walking to running. He is not into his toys as much anymore and his new favorite activitity is walking around exploring. He also likes to play with toy phones. Jack will put his head on the ground in a down ward dog position and wait for you to flip him over so he can do a summersault. He also still loves his tunnel. His favorite book is how to do dinosaurs say goodnight. Jack also puts his hands in the air to show you how big he is when you ask. Jack will give you a hug and will sometimes give kisses. Mommy has only gotten a few..but it does happen.


Weight: 19.5 lbs

Clothing size: 12-18 mostly some 12 month

Favorite foods: Cheese, chicken nuggets, cookies, crackers, corn, oatmeal,

Leah is offically walking. She is much more cautious than Jack but now walks more than she crawls. She tries to say almost everything we say. She knows where her eyes, hair, belly, toes, nose, mouth and chin are and loves to show anyone who will look. She says mama, daddy, pop (grandpa), eyes, shh (shoe), cookie, juice, cracker, Jack, nigh nigh (good night).  Leah also knows that a duck says quack, a cow says moo and a cat says meow. Leah will put her hands in the air when you ask how big she is. She is also not as in to toys as she once was and prefers to walk around exploring. She also likes to talk on the phone and normally calls Jack when she does. Leah is a little girl who knows what she wants and has started biting if need be to get her way.. Poor Jack. She loves singing and her favorite book is How do dinosaurs say goodnight followed closely by How Big is Baby. Leah loves to give kisses and blow kisses and will sometimes hug.


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