Things I have learned from being a mom…

February 2, 2011 at 2:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Things I have learned from being a mom…..

*You don’t have to shower everyday… while nice, it is not a requirement.

*It is okay to eat frozen pizza for frozen lasagna for can even say you cooked because after all you did put it in the oven.

*Laundry is no longer a once a week job.

*The babies are really in charge not the parents.

*Those diaper pails that are supposed to keep your house from smelling like diapers quits working when your kids start eating real food.

*It is okay to cry sometimes…it normally makes you feel better.

*Whoever said sleep when your baby sleeps did not have twins.

* When people say their kids sleep all night they mean that they have slept all night…not that they sleep all night every night. At 16 months or even two kids have weeks where they wake up at crazy times.

*It is okay if your kids watch TV sometimes…Barney really is your friend.

*Those Moms that look all cute at the mall and have make up on and their hair done are either having a particularily good day or they have help. Most people with small children don’t look like that.

*Once you become a mom your car is going to get gross. It is almost impossible to keep it totally clean..after all it is basically a giant diaper bag on wheels.

* Being a mom takes more patients that you can possibly imagine.

*There really is nothing better than a “kiss” from your little one, even if it resembles a lick.

*At some point you are going to have every bodily fluid possible on you.. and it really won’t gross you out as much as you might think.

*Putting a child to bed later does not mean that he or she will sleep later.

*Hearing “mama” really is the greatest thing in the world.

*Side Note. I titled my post about the the KU vs. K-State game “boarder wars”… I realize KU and K-State are both in Kansas and Boarder is spelled border. I apparently I was having a blonde moment, or perhaps a very tired mommy moment. I’m sure there are a few people who got a good laugh out of this. Please excuse my craziness.


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  1. Thanks for the laughs! I so needed them today:)

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