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This is going to be a random post. I have all kinds of things floating in my head. It has been a busy busy week. It has been nice outside so the kids and I have had a chance to get out of the house more and even play outside several days or take a walk. They love being outside and will generally throw a little fit when it is time to come inside.

Jack has decided he doesn’t want to nap this week…ugh. This is part of the reason I haven’t blogged much. I finally decided today that he needed to stay in his room for at least 30 minutes even if he didn’t sleep. The no nap thing is starting to make me crazy. It is my only time of the day to have some time to myself.  Jack has also been waking up at least once every night for the past couple of weeks and getting up about 30 minutes to an hour earlier every morning  than he was.  Jason and I take turns taking him down stairs to the guest room in the middle of the night and lay him back down in the pack and play. He always goes right back to sleep..but when he wakes up he is really mad so we can’t just let him cry it out. I hope he stops doing this soon I always have a hard time falling back to sleep and I am starting to get really tired. This coupled with the lack of nap time isn’t good. I’m not really sure what to do with him.

This weekend the kids are going to Grandma and Grandpas becuase Jason and I have a couple of activities. Friday night I think we are going to have a little date night. Saturday morning I am getting together with a group to “cook and freeze”. We will assemble six meals for each of us to take home. Hopefully this will help make dinner time easier. Most people with kids know that the 5 o’clock hour is the betwiching hour for kids. Even if they have been good all day the moment you start to make dinner they go crazy. They hang on my legs and cry. Everyday between 4:30 and 5:30 is soo stressful. I feel like I have a hundred things to do and then I have two kids hanging off of me while I do them so I can’t move very fast. I have tried all sorts of different things to try and make this go smoother but it is just crazy. Okay I got off topic. Saturday evening I am hosting a couples shower with my friend Lindsey for our good friend Ashley. I have been shopping and preparing for both of these events this week. I will post more about them after the weekend. Hopefully I will have some fun pictures too.  

On a good note one of my good friends from college, Hillary and her husband welcomed a baby girl to the world yesterday! We are soo excited for them and can’t wait to meet baby Katie.


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