Crown Center Adventure

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Here are a couple of pictures from our adventure with Aunt Elizabeth to Crown Center on Monday. If anyone is looking for something cheap and fun to do with little ones this was a good activity. It didn’t take us too long to go through the exhibit but the kids had fun and it was a way to get out of the house on a cold rainy day.


18 Months

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I’m late on this. They were 18 months on the 20th but better late than never right? I promise to post some pictures soon. I am in the middle of trying to back up all of our pictures today so I can’t do it right now.


Leah is becoming mommys little helper. She loves to do anything I am doing and copies pretty much everything. Everytime she gets a hold of a wash cloth she wipes down the kitchen cabinents. She also tries to use the vacum if I leave it out. Leah really likes picking out her own clothes. Some of her current favorites are her Minnie Mouse pajamas, pink tutu and a pair of white patent leather shoes. Sometimes she tries to wear them all together. Leah eats well with a fork although she has recently decided that she can live on just a few bites of food a day. She says yeah about a hundred times a day. That is her response to most things..but she will shake her head no if she doesn’t want to do something. She LOVES taking a bath and runs to the bathroom door if anyone says bath. She also loves to go bye bye. She will stand at the door until we go some where if someone says bye bye. She hasn’t been playing with toys as much she mostly just walks around carrying different things. She “talks” all day but I can only understand about 10% of what she is saying. Some of her new words this month are Bailey and Belly Button.

Clothing size: Mostly 12-18

Diaper size: 4

Shoe Size: 4 1/2


Jack is looking really grown up to me recently. He has been sick for about a month and has had a LOT of energy since he started feeling better. Jack loves to scream..he screams when he is happy, sad, mad. I am not a big fan of it…we are mostly ignoring it and hoping it will stop. Jack has recently started hugging Leah, which is very sweet. Too bad she normally pushes him away. He also hugs mommy and daddy. Jack has started saying a ton of new words this month. A few of his favorites are cookie, daddy, mommy, Bailey, Apple, Stawberry, bye, bye and shoes. Jack loves taking a bath and like Leah runs to the bathroom door if anyone says bath. He also loves going bye bye and playing in his wagon. Jack’s favorite toys are his legos and anything that you can build and stack with. He can play with this stuff for a long time but sometimes get frustrated when it doesn’t work exactly as he thinks it should. Jack loves climbing. Today I found him on top of the kitchen table. He also loves trying to stand on his picnic table. Jack is doing pretty well eating with his fork. His favorite foods are black beans, Chocolate Chip cookies and any kind of fruit.

Clothing Size: mostly 12-18. He can wear some 18-24 but it is still big

Diaper Size:4

Shoe Size: 5

A little of this and a little of that

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After a month of being sick I think we are finally starting to get better. Jack seems to be normal. Leah still has a pretty gross cough and when we went to the doctor today for their 18 month check up we discovered that she now has an ear infection in both ears. Poor baby girl. She is acting like she feels better though. I hope that after this round of antibiodics everyone will finally be healthy.

It had been awhile since the kids had been weighed. Today Leah weighed 19 lb 3 oz,  which is less than the 3rd percentile. She was 30 1/2 inches tall which is the 15th percentile. She is still my tiny little girl. We are suppose to start adding carnation instant breakfast to her milk before bed or switch it to pedisure. We tried the carnation instant breakfast route tonight and she drank about three sips. She hasn’t been eating much recently because she is still sick, but before that she was eating twice what Jack eats. I guess we will keep trying. Jack weighed 21 lb 9oz and was in the 5th percentile. He was 31 1/4 inches tall, which is the 27th percentile for height. There wasn’t much else to report from the visit. They are doing well. They didn’t even cry much after the shots becuase they both got suckers. It was a big hit and a giant mess.

Today my Aunt Elizabeth had the day off work and came and hung out with us. We went to an underwater exhibit at Crown Center and ate lunch at Fritz’s. The kids had a good time and I enjoyed getting out of the house. The exhibit had a bunch of uneven floors and even if it was only the slightest bit of an incline Jack and Leah would lay down and turn around like it was a slide. It was kind of funny. I forgot my camera so I will have to get the pictures from my Aunt.

Not much else new to report. Jack and Leah are both starting to talk a lot more. They copy almost everything we say..although a lot of it isn’t too easy to understand. They both seem like they are getting really big. This past weekend was the Mothers of twins club garage sale. I worked at the sale Thursday, friday and Saturday so Jason had the kids a lot this weekend. I am normally not a huge fan of garage sales but this kind of thing is different. I got the kids a bunch of clothes, a picnic table for our house and one for grandmas, a ride on toy, plastic chairs for outside, a movie, some books, several new pairs of shoes, sipppy cups, duplos, an electronic alphabet toy and a bag for Leah and only spent $150. It was a great. We also sold all of our baby equipment..the babies in our house are offically gone and the toddlers have arrived. Here are some pictures I have taken over the past couple of weeks.

St. Patrick’s Day

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I haven’t posted for awhile becuase we have all been sick…or at least the kids and I have been sick. It started with a head cold then moved to the chest. Now Jack has ear infections in both ears. Leah started running a fever yesterday and I took her in. She didn’t have ear infections or strep so it is probably just a virus. I got sick yesterday too.. I am very ready for everyone to be healthy again. I think we may have to stay at home between now and summer just to make sure that we don’t get sick again.

I don’t think I said anything about it on our blog but Jason and I had also decided that we were going to put our house on the market. I had been cleaning and organizing and trying to get things all ready, but after many many discussions and a lot of thought we decided that it is just too much right now. We are gonig to put it off for another year. It was kind of funny becuase at first I was really excited and the more time passed the more I started thinking about all the great things about where we live now and how much I would miss them.

The other project I have been working on is getting ready for the Greater Kansas City Mothers of Twins Club garage sale. I went last year but this is my first time selling. I have been busy tagging, washing and getting everything ready. More children is probably not in our future so I am getting rid of all the baby stuff. The carseats, excersaucers, bouncy chairs, baby bath tub and clothes. The pile of stuff in my basement is huge. I will be glad to get all that stuff out. However, I am hoping to find some new outside toys for the kids at the sale so I will probably just be replacing it with more kid stuff. : )

If anyone is interested in going to the sale I have listed all the information below. I hope everyone has a great st. Patricks day.

What: GKCMOTC Bi-Annual Sale

Where: First Chuch of The Nazarene, 119th and Stateline Road

When: March 26, 2011, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

A Great Day

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The kids and I had an amazing day yesterday. It is funny how quickly things change. Jack and Leah were both in a good mood, they ate great, took great naps and were very fun people to be with. I genuinely enjoyed the whole day with them. I also had energy left when they went to bed because I got a break in the middle of the day. Normally Jack only naps for about 30-45 min in the afternoon so that is the only break I get, yesterday he slept for two hours. It was awesome! I am so jealous of parents whose kids always take two to three hour naps in the afternoon.

It was kind of a yucky day yesterday but I decided that we needed to get out of the house. Both kids still have snotty noses so we opted to skip gymboree and avoid sharing our colds. We went to the mall instead. We walked around, picked up a new pair of workout pants for me and a dress from forever 21 and grabbed a slice of Pizza for lunch. The kids haven’t been in their stroller for a while and seemed to enjoy people watching. I also brought their snacks cups and they ate kix the whole time we were shopping. Normally I don’t let them snack all morning but it kept them quiet and happy. After lunch we headed home. I had to sing and do some pretty funny things on the way home to keep them both awake. After their naps we played until Jason got home and then we all went to dinner as a family. We were sitting next to a family with a 15 month old and a 3-year-old and the kids loved watching them and talking to them. They were soo good.  Every time the waitress would come to the table Leah waved at her. Sometimes when we take the kids out it isn’t very relaxing because we are constantly trying to keep them busy..this time it actually was relaxing.

Jack is still talking up a storm. He is starting to copy everything we say. Yesterday he started saying Taco and a couple of other things. His favorite words right now are Diaper and Broccoli. Strange I know. The best part is when he says diaper he almost sounds like he has a french accent. DiPear is kind of what it sounds like. If you ask if he needs a new diaper he says it over and over on his way to the guest room.

I realize this is a little random but all things I was thinking about….

Wordless Wednesday

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The past few days motherhood has been kicking my butt. I know that all mothers have these days. The days where you can’t wait until it is bed time. The days where you wonder if maybe it would be a good time to go back to work. I just haven’t had this many days in a row for awhile. The kids have both had colds have been very fussy. We haven’t had this much crying for months and months. I keep trying to look on the positive side of things but between the crying and the rain today I am having trouble. They are supposed to be taking a nap right now but Jack is choosing to cry/yell. The best part is he keeps yelling, “Out Please.” I guess he is at least being polite.

I just wanted down a few of the good things from the past couple of days so I don’t forget. Yesterday Jack decided to take his nap on me instead of in his bed (Lovely)..anyway when he woke up the two of us went upstairs together to get Leah. All the way upstairs Jack kept saying “LEEEAH, LEEAH.” Then when we got upstairs I took Leah out of her bed and he walked over and gave her a big hug. I think that is the first time ever that Jack has actually given her a hug. Leah hugs him all the time but he normally tries to push her off. It was soo cute I almost cried.

Jack also decided yesterday that he wanted to start talking more. Yesterday he started saying Broccoli and pear and was talking way more than he has been. When the mail truck parked in front of our house he ran to the window and shouted , “car.” When I yelled at the dog he yelled, “badgog.” He brought me my shoes and told me what they were and started saying thank you whenever he takes things from Leah. Nice of him isn’t it? : )

Jack apparently isn’t going to nap. I better go rescue him.

You won’t belive this.

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The following story is true. However, it is not for the faint of heart. You might want to stop reading if you get grossed out easily.

The past few days have been a little rough to put it nicely. The kids have been cranky and fighting. It seems like someone is whinning or crying for about 75% of the day. This morning Jack was not feeling good. He isn’t whinning just lethargic and wants to cuddle. Leah of course decided that she would get into everything she could all morning to keep me from cuddling with Jack. She tried to chew on the lamp cord, pulled everything off the dinning room table and tried to eat a piece of cardboard. She is acting more like a puppy than a toddler.

We made it through the morning and I finally got the kids in their high chairs with some food while I finished up macaroni for lunch. Then I heard a terrible noise….I looked at Jack and knew it was going to be trouble. I took him back to the bedroom to change him and discovered he had poo up to his arm pits. How does that even happen? Then to my surprise I realized there were exactly four wipes left in the container. Four. This was not a four wipe project. This was a 24 wipe project. Why didn’t I fill up the container this morning?

I took everything off of Jack and started a pile for the laundry and set him in the bathroom while I got a wash cloth. While trying to find a wash cloth Leah decided to stick the handle side of her fork down her throat and gag herself. Awesome choice Leah.  So I took her fork away and went back to Jack, who took the liberty of peeing all over the bathroom while I was dealing with the fork issue. More laundry..we have  full load now. I finally got Jack cleaned up and headed back to the kitchen to check on Leah. While I was gone Leah took everything off of her tray and threw it all on the floor. This included lots of chewed up hot dog. Sick Nasty. I took Leah out..because she obviously was done eating and started to clean up the floor. While cleaning, Leah came up behind me and took her “non spill” sippy cup and poured juice down my crack. I just sat down and started crying. What else can happen in 15 min?

So what did I learn from this little incident? I learned it might be time to buy some mom jeans, I should probably buy new insides for the sippy cups or new sippy cups and I learned to always refill the wipe container if there are less than 24 wipes. We are going to Lawrence this afternoon and I cannot wait! I’m sure we will all be happy to see Grandma and Grandpa.

We are still here

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I have been meaning to blog for days but I honestly have just been way to worn out to do it. I have been cleaning out our house and orgainizing everything and between that and two children who are now running everywhere I am exhausted both mentally and physically by the end of the day. I am very grateful to have to healthy children with lots of energy and even more grateful that I have the opportunity to be at home with them but these two are a handful these days. They are trying to talk more and more and as chessy as this sound they are growing before our eyes.

 I watched them play in the back yard before nap time today and couldn’t help but wonder what happend to my babies and where did these two toddlers come from. They are into EVERYTHING and seem to not hear mommy say no. Today Leah put her bow or as she call is “hat” in the trash can. We were getting ready to leave and I relized she didn’t have it on. I asked her to go get her hat realizing that she probably wouldn’t do it but thought it was worth a shot. She walks over to the trash can looks in and says “hat”. I look in and sure enough her bow was in there. I’m kind of impressed she remember what she did with it. Jack is getting more teeth and has been a grumpy gus today. Everything is making him upset. We went to have lunch with Daddy and had to leave in a hurry because he kept crying when things weren’t going his way.

We bought the kiddos a wagon using some money they got for valentines day and they  LOVE it. It is a little harder than the stroller for me but the giggles make it worth it. When we came home from lunch I took them out of the car and quickly hurried them into the garage. Both kids climbed in the wagon and sat down. So..we went on a walk. Leah holds on to the sides most of the time and jack tries to climb out. Some times these two could be more different.

I posted a few new pictures. We have had several people tell us that Leah looks just like Jason recently… I always thought she looked like me but she is changing. What do you think?

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