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The past few days motherhood has been kicking my butt. I know that all mothers have these days. The days where you can’t wait until it is bed time. The days where you wonder if maybe it would be a good time to go back to work. I just haven’t had this many days in a row for awhile. The kids have both had colds have been very fussy. We haven’t had this much crying for months and months. I keep trying to look on the positive side of things but between the crying and the rain today I am having trouble. They are supposed to be taking a nap right now but Jack is choosing to cry/yell. The best part is he keeps yelling, “Out Please.” I guess he is at least being polite.

I just wanted down a few of the good things from the past couple of days so I don’t forget. Yesterday Jack decided to take his nap on me instead of in his bed (Lovely)..anyway when he woke up the two of us went upstairs together to get Leah. All the way upstairs Jack kept saying “LEEEAH, LEEAH.” Then when we got upstairs I took Leah out of her bed and he walked over and gave her a big hug. I think that is the first time ever that Jack has actually given her a hug. Leah hugs him all the time but he normally tries to push her off. It was soo cute I almost cried.

Jack also decided yesterday that he wanted to start talking more. Yesterday he started saying Broccoli and pear and was talking way more than he has been. When the mail truck parked in front of our house he ran to the window and shouted , “car.” When I yelled at the dog he yelled, “badgog.” He brought me my shoes and told me what they were and started saying thank you whenever he takes things from Leah. Nice of him isn’t it? : )

Jack apparently isn’t going to nap. I better go rescue him.


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  1. Been there! It will pass, just give it time. It always gets better, eventually.

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