A Great Day

March 10, 2011 at 8:13 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

The kids and I had an amazing day yesterday. It is funny how quickly things change. Jack and Leah were both in a good mood, they ate great, took great naps and were very fun people to be with. I genuinely enjoyed the whole day with them. I also had energy left when they went to bed because I got a break in the middle of the day. Normally Jack only naps for about 30-45 min in the afternoon so that is the only break I get, yesterday he slept for two hours. It was awesome! I am so jealous of parents whose kids always take two to three hour naps in the afternoon.

It was kind of a yucky day yesterday but I decided that we needed to get out of the house. Both kids still have snotty noses so we opted to skip gymboree and avoid sharing our colds. We went to the mall instead. We walked around, picked up a new pair of workout pants for me and a dress from forever 21 and grabbed a slice of Pizza for lunch. The kids haven’t been in their stroller for a while and seemed to enjoy people watching. I also brought their snacks cups and they ate kix the whole time we were shopping. Normally I don’t let them snack all morning but it kept them quiet and happy. After lunch we headed home. I had to sing and do some pretty funny things on the way home to keep them both awake. After their naps we played until Jason got home and then we all went to dinner as a family. We were sitting next to a family with a 15 month old and a 3-year-old and the kids loved watching them and talking to them. They were soo good.  Every time the waitress would come to the table Leah waved at her. Sometimes when we take the kids out it isn’t very relaxing because we are constantly trying to keep them busy..this time it actually was relaxing.

Jack is still talking up a storm. He is starting to copy everything we say. Yesterday he started saying Taco and a couple of other things. His favorite words right now are Diaper and Broccoli. Strange I know. The best part is when he says diaper he almost sounds like he has a french accent. DiPear is kind of what it sounds like. If you ask if he needs a new diaper he says it over and over on his way to the guest room.

I realize this is a little random but all things I was thinking about….


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