St. Patrick’s Day

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I haven’t posted for awhile becuase we have all been sick…or at least the kids and I have been sick. It started with a head cold then moved to the chest. Now Jack has ear infections in both ears. Leah started running a fever yesterday and I took her in. She didn’t have ear infections or strep so it is probably just a virus. I got sick yesterday too.. I am very ready for everyone to be healthy again. I think we may have to stay at home between now and summer just to make sure that we don’t get sick again.

I don’t think I said anything about it on our blog but Jason and I had also decided that we were going to put our house on the market. I had been cleaning and organizing and trying to get things all ready, but after many many discussions and a lot of thought we decided that it is just too much right now. We are gonig to put it off for another year. It was kind of funny becuase at first I was really excited and the more time passed the more I started thinking about all the great things about where we live now and how much I would miss them.

The other project I have been working on is getting ready for the Greater Kansas City Mothers of Twins Club garage sale. I went last year but this is my first time selling. I have been busy tagging, washing and getting everything ready. More children is probably not in our future so I am getting rid of all the baby stuff. The carseats, excersaucers, bouncy chairs, baby bath tub and clothes. The pile of stuff in my basement is huge. I will be glad to get all that stuff out. However, I am hoping to find some new outside toys for the kids at the sale so I will probably just be replacing it with more kid stuff. : )

If anyone is interested in going to the sale I have listed all the information below. I hope everyone has a great st. Patricks day.

What: GKCMOTC Bi-Annual Sale

Where: First Chuch of The Nazarene, 119th and Stateline Road

When: March 26, 2011, 8:00 am to 2:00 pm


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