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After a month of being sick I think we are finally starting to get better. Jack seems to be normal. Leah still has a pretty gross cough and when we went to the doctor today for their 18 month check up we discovered that she now has an ear infection in both ears. Poor baby girl. She is acting like she feels better though. I hope that after this round of antibiodics everyone will finally be healthy.

It had been awhile since the kids had been weighed. Today Leah weighed 19 lb 3 oz,  which is less than the 3rd percentile. She was 30 1/2 inches tall which is the 15th percentile. She is still my tiny little girl. We are suppose to start adding carnation instant breakfast to her milk before bed or switch it to pedisure. We tried the carnation instant breakfast route tonight and she drank about three sips. She hasn’t been eating much recently because she is still sick, but before that she was eating twice what Jack eats. I guess we will keep trying. Jack weighed 21 lb 9oz and was in the 5th percentile. He was 31 1/4 inches tall, which is the 27th percentile for height. There wasn’t much else to report from the visit. They are doing well. They didn’t even cry much after the shots becuase they both got suckers. It was a big hit and a giant mess.

Today my Aunt Elizabeth had the day off work and came and hung out with us. We went to an underwater exhibit at Crown Center and ate lunch at Fritz’s. The kids had a good time and I enjoyed getting out of the house. The exhibit had a bunch of uneven floors and even if it was only the slightest bit of an incline Jack and Leah would lay down and turn around like it was a slide. It was kind of funny. I forgot my camera so I will have to get the pictures from my Aunt.

Not much else new to report. Jack and Leah are both starting to talk a lot more. They copy almost everything we say..although a lot of it isn’t too easy to understand. They both seem like they are getting really big. This past weekend was the Mothers of twins club garage sale. I worked at the sale Thursday, friday and Saturday so Jason had the kids a lot this weekend. I am normally not a huge fan of garage sales but this kind of thing is different. I got the kids a bunch of clothes, a picnic table for our house and one for grandmas, a ride on toy, plastic chairs for outside, a movie, some books, several new pairs of shoes, sipppy cups, duplos, an electronic alphabet toy and a bag for Leah and only spent $150. It was a great. We also sold all of our baby equipment..the babies in our house are offically gone and the toddlers have arrived. Here are some pictures I have taken over the past couple of weeks.


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