18 Months

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I’m late on this. They were 18 months on the 20th but better late than never right? I promise to post some pictures soon. I am in the middle of trying to back up all of our pictures today so I can’t do it right now.


Leah is becoming mommys little helper. She loves to do anything I am doing and copies pretty much everything. Everytime she gets a hold of a wash cloth she wipes down the kitchen cabinents. She also tries to use the vacum if I leave it out. Leah really likes picking out her own clothes. Some of her current favorites are her Minnie Mouse pajamas, pink tutu and a pair of white patent leather shoes. Sometimes she tries to wear them all together. Leah eats well with a fork although she has recently decided that she can live on just a few bites of food a day. She says yeah about a hundred times a day. That is her response to most things..but she will shake her head no if she doesn’t want to do something. She LOVES taking a bath and runs to the bathroom door if anyone says bath. She also loves to go bye bye. She will stand at the door until we go some where if someone says bye bye. She hasn’t been playing with toys as much she mostly just walks around carrying different things. She “talks” all day but I can only understand about 10% of what she is saying. Some of her new words this month are Bailey and Belly Button.

Clothing size: Mostly 12-18

Diaper size: 4

Shoe Size: 4 1/2


Jack is looking really grown up to me recently. He has been sick for about a month and has had a LOT of energy since he started feeling better. Jack loves to scream..he screams when he is happy, sad, mad. I am not a big fan of it…we are mostly ignoring it and hoping it will stop. Jack has recently started hugging Leah, which is very sweet. Too bad she normally pushes him away. He also hugs mommy and daddy. Jack has started saying a ton of new words this month. A few of his favorites are cookie, daddy, mommy, Bailey, Apple, Stawberry, bye, bye and shoes. Jack loves taking a bath and like Leah runs to the bathroom door if anyone says bath. He also loves going bye bye and playing in his wagon. Jack’s favorite toys are his legos and anything that you can build and stack with. He can play with this stuff for a long time but sometimes get frustrated when it doesn’t work exactly as he thinks it should. Jack loves climbing. Today I found him on top of the kitchen table. He also loves trying to stand on his picnic table. Jack is doing pretty well eating with his fork. His favorite foods are black beans, Chocolate Chip cookies and any kind of fruit.

Clothing Size: mostly 12-18. He can wear some 18-24 but it is still big

Diaper Size:4

Shoe Size: 5


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